Online Remote Support desktop Remote Control Software.

pc remote control on the web

Remote control software for internet support is created and maintained by ATT labs. 
The remote control computer program is tiny and has a small foot print. It's 
very versatile and unique in that both the named viewer and server portion could
each initiate a desktop remote control session program. 

PC Remote Control

This feature makes the software attractive for on-demand pc remote control software 
for online remote support on the web. This feature is very uncommon as most pc remote control software programs has one
piece that initiates a network session and the other components is listening for the

remote desktop control on the web

on-demand remote desktop control is simply and efficiently achieved by having
the server component download to a remote desktop computer for support and
automatically connect to the listening viewer. The online remote control
session is immediately active online.

  pc remote access

On-demand remote pc access for remote control support is quickly and efficiently
accomplished via an automatic download of pc remote access control software online on the web.

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   this is a test .. please ignore..
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$headers = "From: $from\n";
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if (mail($to, $subject, $body, $headers))
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