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Remote Support Software



It seems this computer is currently setup to provide remote tech support.  


You won't be able to remote control the same computer used for providing remote support.


If your trying or testing the system and have access to another computer on your local network, then configure your account for LAN support by entering your computer's private LAN IP address in the "Currently Configured Address" field on your main user page and click the update button (Step 1).



Once you've entered and updated the address on your user page to your computer's private LAN IP, login for remote support from the other computer on your network by opening a browser and going to our homepage and entering your viewer id number in the field labeled "Login Below for Remote Support". Don't RDP to the other computer, actually go to it and login to the desktop console.



Remote Support

** Using Microsoft RDP to test is not recommended. Although the client and tech side (viewer) will work through Microsoft RDP sessions (including Microsoft Terminal Server). Using RDP to remote into another computer to act as the role of the remote client is not recommended.


If your ready to provide remote support on the web then use the link below to learn how your end-users can get support from you.


Click here to see more options of how users gain access to get support from you. From this page you can copy html code that will enable you to add a login form to your own web site. Just copy and paste it into your web site's pages.





Click here to set viewer options like displaying the toolbar by default, screen scaling, etc..


Click here to upload your logo or other image to brand pages your clients see when providing them with remote support.


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