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December 7, 2023

Remote Support Software


  RDP Connection Manager



Centralize RDP Connections



Centralizing Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections can offer several advantages to organizations, especially those with multiple remote users. By managing RDP connections centrally, administrators can streamline their workflows and improve productivity. With a centralized RDP connection manager software, such as 4RemoteSupport, administrators can easily manage and monitor all RDP connections from a single interface, reducing the need for manual intervention and minimizing the risk of unauthorized access to remote systems. Additionally, a centralized RDP connection manager provides real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, enabling administrators to quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise. Overall, centralizing RDP connections can help organizations improve their security posture, increase efficiency, and provide a better user experience.

Computer problems that used to considerable amounts of time to diagnose and troubleshoot remotely over the telephone with an average or normal desktop computer user on the other end, can now be efficiently and solved remotely with remote desktop access software for support.

Software to remotely assist users on the web is an incredible time saving support software tool that every helpdesk or support desk needs to have. Support-desks and help-desks staff members can be more effective in their desktop and server supporting efforts and operate more efficiently when they use remote desktop support software for online desktop remote support on the web. Achieving remote desktop access and control of a desktop computer over the Internet first requires network access to the desktop.

Our online desktop support software solution system provides both the means and mechanism to give a technician remote access to a computer to provide them with remote desktop management.

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Provide remote desktop support to as many remote computers through the Internet as needed, without additional charges or expenses. Our solution for remote support allows technicians and help-desk staff to change the computer their providing remote desktop support from. Without any added costs or waiting for updated executable files or account changes.


The remote support account can be used from any computer for any computer with no license restrictions.  There's are no bandwidth charges per remote desktop management session, no ticket counting, no session usage charges, there's no added hardware or special appliances to buy and pay additional support on annually, no website links to maintain (this is optional, you can have your own web site links if you prefer), remote control any pc anywhere, remotely access as many computer as needed, and there's no need to spend thousands of dollars per remote support license or seat plus yearly maintenance.





With the purchase of each remote support account you get:


           Unlimited Usage - there are no limitations.

           Unlimited Bandwidth. Never any charges or fees . . . ever.

           Connect and support an unlimited number of computers on-demand anytime.

           No charge for service feature enhancements. (Check for service news & updates here)

           No web site links to maintain and update - we do that for you but you can if you prefer.

           Support is included - forever - with no additional charge.

           Change the computer you support from at no cost.

           File Transfer - with no bandwidth limits.

           Send an unlimited number of email support links from your user page.


           See expanded list ...



                  Try it for free for 10 days. We don't even ask for a credit card to try.



Your remote desktop support account allows you to access and control an unlimited number of remote desktop computers through the web to provide remote assistance to users anywhere they may be. Even remotely support multiple computers at the same time.



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