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On-demand Remote Support Software


Desktop Support Software

: Software for Remote Desktop Support




Software for Remote Desktop Support



How Your Remote Clients Access Support  


They can log on for online remote desktop support through our web site's main page. The remote computer users' can easily start a remote support session that will begin the desktop support software download through the web by entering a code number on the main page in the filed label login below for remote support


You can send an email containing a remote support link from your own email program user page. If an emailed support link is sent to the user or client, they are not required to enter an code to start the session. The remote support session is considered started already and the next step is for the desktop support software to being the quick download to the remote computer. The page that will open is the same connect page from used in the option above.


Place a remote support link on your own web site for your users to click on. This can be a personal web site or corporate site. There are no server side special features required. This method will also not require your end-users or clients to enter a code or PIN number to initiate the desktop support software download.      


You could copy our our exe file to your web-site for remote clients and users to click on for downloading and executing or similarly, link to the exe file on our site from your server. When the remote support program is run, the client will be prompted to enter a support code to continue.






Desktop Support Software


Desktop support software can be downloaded to start a remote support session in several ways with flexible variations to the original properties. Customers or end-users can initiate a remote support session with you from our homepage, or a remote support page on your web site. To start the pc remote support session, the clients are only required to enter a number and click on the button to login.



Remote Support


This is only an option available to provide support, it's NOT required.


The html code provided below is for a web form similar to the one shown above with functionality like our homepage's form for starting an online  computer remote support session. Modify the colors and even apply style sheets to match you sites look and feel.  


The remote user must know the number  to enter (it's your desktop viewer id number) before they are able to connect for remote support. If an incorrect id is entered, the user will return to the page on your site.





Sorry, the system is disabled and the executable is unavailable for download until you have tested your viewer successfully at least once using the Test Viewer button in Step 4 on your user page.

Also note, if your end-users login for support through our homepage, they will receive a message stating you have not completed the setup of your account.






pc remote control software


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