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  December 7, 2023


  Software for Centralized RDP Connection Management


Online RDP Connection Manager for desktop remote access.

RDPMan™ is a highly efficient and advanced software solution designed for centralized RDP connection access and management. With its intuitive interface and robust features, it offers unmatched convenience and control to IT administrators responsible for managing multiple remote desktop connections. Its powerful features enable administrators to easily organize, categorize, and access all RDP connections from a single platform, improving productivity and reducing downtime. RDPMan™ also provides secure authentication mechanisms, by utilizing RDP protocol security ensures that only authorized users can access the remote desktops.

Centrally Manage RDP Connections

Access to centralized remote desktop (RDP) connections empowers administrators to leverage a built-in protocol for providing support. Moreover, with add-ons it offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities with real-time insights into connection status, performance metrics, and user activities. This empowers administrators to proactively troubleshoot issues, streamline operations, and enhance security. Whether used in small businesses or large enterprises with hundreds of connections, RDPMan™ simplifies the management process while maintaining high levels of efficiency and data security. With its unparalleled functionality and reliability, RDPMan™ emerges as an indispensable tool for any organization relying on remote desktop protocols for seamless collaboration and enhanced workflow efficiency.

Manage RDP Connections, Share Access

RDPMan™ offers a user-friendly interface that allows administrators to easily navigate through various settings and configurations. Its advanced features enable quick identification and resolution of any potential issues, ensuring uninterrupted productivity. Additionally, RDPMan's robust security measures provided by RDP protocol protect sensitive data from unauthorized access, providing peace of mind to organizations of all sizes. By optimizing remote desktop protocols, RDPMan™ empowers teams to collaborate seamlessly, resulting in improved workflow efficiency and ultimately, business success.

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One online support account consists of a yearly flat rate and you'll have unlimited access to as many remote computers, desktop, or servers as needed and as often as required. There are no additional fees or costs for changing computers or networks (locations). The technical support person or helpdesk member needs only to change the account's configuration. There are no wait times for new custom executable to be created just because the tech is working from another location.





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