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 Install Java Plug-in for your browser for

PC remote support


  Install Java JRE (Java Runtime Environment).

  The Java plug-in provides your browser with added functionality and is used by over

  10 billion devices world wide from computers to smartphones.





For FireFox, Chrome, and other 32 bit Mozilla based browsers, install the 32 bit version of Java.   For 64 bit Internet Explorer also install the 64 bit version.

For Windows 7 and higher (including Windows server operating systems):


Install or upgrade to version 6 update 15 (build 1.6.0_15) or higher of Java. Please do not use version 1.6.0_18-b07 as there is a known bug in that version.


For Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or lower:


 Any version of Java 5 or 6 is supported. Even older versions such as 2, 3, and 4 are supported.



Click here or the button below to install the Oracle's Java plug-in from When you click on the link, a new browser window will open and load's main page. When the page loads, look for and click on the image that looks similar to the following:



When you click on the image similar to the one shown above on, your operating system will be automatically detected and the appropriate version of the Java plug-in will be installed.



Click here for a manual Java installation. This option allows you to save the installation file to your local hard disk - no auto-detection takes place. It's a different page on On the page look for the link near the top of the list then click on it to start the download and install:   


                 Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/2003/2008 Offline  




If you prefer or there is a requirement by another one of your applications, you could install Microsoft's Java VM.  Please note that Microsoft no longer develops or supports this version. This version runs on nearly all of Microsoft's operating systems but is not compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 or higher and not recommended for production use.


Click here to install the Microsoft Java browser plug-in - NOT Recommended






PC Remote Control Over the Web

Remote Support Software
Desktop Remote Control Support employees over the Internet using online PC remote control on demand. The service works over the web on demand through firewalls and routers. Low cost remote support software for web-based online remote pc support on demand from the cloud. There's no per connection or per computer licensing. Because the service is hosted, there's no hardware to buy and maintain and no need to spend thousands of dollars per license or seat plus yearly maintenance fees. PC remote control support multiple remote desktop with a single desktop viewer simultaneously on the web. The remote desktop user your supporting via remote support for only has to enter a desktop viewer id to connect (other options are available). 
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