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Save all RDP Connections for accessing Microsoft Windows servers, desktops or Linux and MacOS systems.

Save and access your list of saved RDP connections from anywhere in the office or online through the web. RDP connections are created,  saved,  and accessed using only a browser and our web software.

RDP connection management software applications or console installation is not required. All your most commonly accessed systems RDP connections are available using RDPman™.  Inspired by Microsoft's RDCMan (formally by Sysinternals) except it's web based software for managing RDP connections that requires no installation.

Simple web software to manage a list of RDP Connections.  Centralized RDP connections to servers and desktops. Manage RDP Connections from any device. Connect with RDC client.

Simple Interface

RDP Connections are centrally accessed using your favorite browser. There's no desktop or server software applications to install to manage your RDP connections.

No Installation

Save and manage your connections online without installing a desktop manager application. Use the built-in RDP client on Windows and preferred MacOS or Linux RDC clients.

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