How it Works

Access & Manage your Remote Desktop Connections Easily Online Anywhere.

Save your RDP connections and have them available to you online no matter where you are. All server Admins, Helpdesks, NOCs, SOCs, and IT departments use RDP to access servers and desktops. It's a default built-in remote desktop tool on Windows and used by millions everyday. Try the RDP Manager Live Demo - no sign-up or registration needed.

Connect from Any Device with a RDC Client.

Unlimited Usage

Create as many saved RDP connections as you need. Have them everywhere you go such as remote offices, through VPNs, on the web.

No Installation

Save and manage your connections online. Use the built-in RDP client on Windows or use your favorite MacOS or Linux RDC clients.

Cost Effective

Your cost will never increase. All service upgrades and updates are included, with no increase in costs. Email support is also included with your service.

Simple Interface

There is no desktop application to install to manage your connections. RDC connections are saved and accessed through your browser. Click the RDC connection and run.

RDP Connection Manager

Simple to use interface. Software to centrally manage and access all RDP/RDC connections for an individual admin, information technology team or entire organization.

  • Click Add Connection to create new RDP connection to save.
  • Enter the Hostname or IP. Leave the port number unless your are using a custom port.
  • The new connection is immediately available for access.
  • From the list of RDP connections, click the Hostname or IP address of the server or desktop.
  • The RDP file is downloaded. Click run or open, the default remote desktop client software opens the file.

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