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Remote control end-user desktops to provide assistance when needed.

Support your users no matter where they're working from. Whether they're in the office or working remotely from home, on the road at a client's office, hotel, conference, etc.. Even use our service as a support tool to assist other server or network administrators.


Connect to multiple computers or servers at the same time with just one support account. There's no restrictions on the number of connections. Ever.


Pre-installation of agents or runtime environments such as Microsoft .NET Framework, Visual C++ Redistributable, Java, etc are not required on remote desktops or servers.


Your cost will never increase. All service upgrades and updates are included, at with no increase in costs. Email support is also included with your service.


Connections from the remote computers are direct. There's no "middle-man" servers in between to potentially capture and compromise your data, or slow you down.

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Software to Remote Support Desktops Online On Demand

Provide your users great technical assistance using Software to Remotely Support Desktops Online On Demand. Since no pre-installed software or plugins or browser extensions are required, your user can get fast support from you or your technical support team simply and easily. No complicated join codes and password combinations. One simple small client executable and a small code number for the user to enter. Simple tasks to connect to support online and on demand.

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