December 7, 2023

Remote Support Software


 Software for Managing RDP Connections


Remote Desktop (RDP) Manager software for Online Connection Management

Administration of RDP connections can be simplified with software for managing RDP connections by centralizing all RDP remote desktop protocol connections. Once centralized, access becomes easier as the list of commonly used and not so commonly used RDP connections are readily available. RDP management software contains a easy to maintain and navigate list of RDP connections for commonly used RDP connections and RDP connections that are accessed less frequently. Additionally, with software specifically designed for managing RDP connections, administrators can easily organize and categorize the connections based on various criteria such as departments, projects, or geographical locations. This allows for efficient RDP connection management and quick access to the required RDP connections. Furthermore, the software can provide advanced features like session recording and monitoring.

Software for Centralized RDP Management

 Administrators can keep track of user activities during RDP sessions, ensuring compliance with security policies and regulations. Software for centralized RDP management inherently provides a centralized access platform. usage and access can be logged accordingly to policy and available for review.  Centralized RDP management also permits login restrictions and act as a vital first step to protecting the organization's assets. In case of any suspicious or unauthorized activities, administrators can take immediate action to mitigate potential risks. Moreover, software for managing RDP connections often includes robust security measures. It enables administrators to enforce strong password policies, implement multi-factor authentication, and set up secure network tunnels for encrypted data transmission. These security features enhance the overall protection of remote desktop connections against potential threats or unauthorized access and many of which are part of the RDC RDP protocol. Another advantage of using dedicated centralized software for managing RDP connections is the ability to streamline administrative tasks. With a centralized platform, administrators can easily deploy updates or patches across multiple RDP connections simultaneously. This saves time and effort compared to manually updating each connection individually. Additionally, dedicated expensive software or on-premise virtual appliances or HW based servers often provides advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities, allowing administrators to keep track of user activity and identify any suspicious behavior or security breaches. We provide a simple solution for a simple problem with software for administering and centrally manage RDP connections.  Furthermore, dedicated software offers enhanced customization options, allowing administrators to tailor the remote desktop environment to meet specific organizational needs.

Remote Desktop (RDP) Management

Our software is simple RDP management. Manage connections for administrators to access and share for repeated access to the same servers and desktops. Setting access permissions, configuring user settings, and implementing additional security measures such as two-factor authentication or IP whitelisting can be added but are outside the scope of our software. Two factor authentication such as DUO is recommended. It's an installable option for your servers with centralized management of its own. Moreover, dedicated software often includes features like session recording and auditing, which can be crucial for compliance purposes or forensic investigations. These features enable administrators to review past sessions, monitor user actions, and ensure accountability within the remote desktop environment. Overall, utilizing dedicated software for remote desktop connections not only strengthens security measures but also simplifies administrative tasks, provides basic customization options, and offers reporting capabilities. This, in conjunction with centralized management of remote desktop (RDP) connections, ultimately enhances productivity, efficiency, and peace of mind for both administrators and users.



RDC management software shouldn't have to be expensive. RDP based connections can be conducted over the internet or within corporate LAN / WAN environments. managing access and maintaining RDC / RDP connections should be straight forward and efficient too.  The internet is one of the greatest mediums for providing tech support assistance so when a customer or end-user needs remote assistance, the fastest method is to connect remotely and provide the best online tech support possible without having to go on location. One account from our service let's an infinite number of computers remotely connect and get support. We impose no limits to the number of computers that can be supported of the number of computers you can provide remote support from. IT departments use remote control support software on their LANs , we just extended that brand of support to the Internet and beyond.


Out system is secure reliable and costs very little to own and maintain. it's fats too! Even dial-up connections can be used to connect and access remote desktops to provide remote control support. A remote support solution that leaves covers all the possibilities of internet connections - both broadband and dial-up connections to the internet will suffice. Although our downloads are not the smallest they are of the smallest and compared to some of the remote support providers with their very large computer files, ours is at the top of the list for small file size and quickness.


We offer a reliable cost effective centralized RDP management solution. On-demand RDC management and administration is an efficient method get to a problem and effectively solve it. because RDC connections using RDP are centrally managed. remote computer problem and web based remote support software is the best. There are no restriction that some of the LAN based packages have. Our system works through firewalls without having to make any changes to the remote end of the connection.





With the purchase of each remote support account you get:


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           No web site links to maintain and update - we do that for you but you can if you prefer.

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           Send an unlimited number of email support links from your user page.


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Your remote support account allows you to connect to an unlimited number of remote computers on the web to provide remote assistance to users anywhere they may be. Even remotely support multiple computers at the same time.




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