On-demand Remote Support Software   December 2, 2022

On-demand Remote Support Software


Support Software

: Software for Remote Desktop Support




Software for Remote Desktop Support



Options for how your remote users can get support from you


Remote users or customers on your LAN, WAN, or public Internet can access remote support services from you by logging in through our homepage. The support software that's used for remote support is accessible through our homepage or a similar login form can be placed on your site's web pages (see further down this page).


You can send a remote support email that will contain a link for your users to click on from your user page while logged into your remote support account or an email can be sent from your desktop email program like Outlook running on your computer remote support link.


Using email is an option for you. It is NOT a required procedure. Once the remote desktop support session is initiated, support software downloads to their computer and connects back to the tech support computer for remote pc control support.


Place a remote support link on your site. The site can be a personal web site or corporate. The link can be located on more than one web page or domain and could be configured to be a button or remain as a plain URL link. The link could be designed to open a new browser window or use the existing window. Clients just need to enter a code or PIN number to initiate the support software download.      


You could copy the computer support software exe file to your web-site for downloading and executing or similarly, link to the exe file on our site from your web site server.





Support Software


Computer support software can be downloaded from a browser by your clients to start a remote support session. The remote client computer could be located anywhere in the world but also can on your LAN or be connected to your enterprise network through private internetworking connnections like T1s or frame-relay, or VPNs.


Customers, clients, and/or computer desktop end-users on your own LAN can initiate a remote support session from an exe or from a web site. The web site could be ours or it can be your site. The support software will be downloaded and executed on the remote client computer in either case. 


To start the pc remote support session, the clients need only enter a  number (it can be called a code or PIN number if you like - it's up to your preference) and click on the button to login.



Remote Support


The html form code shown and provided below for copy and pasting, is intended to be used for a login web form similar to the one shown above with functionality like our homepage's form. It's used to start an online  desktop remote support session. The colors and fonts can be modified to match your site's other pages.   







Sorry, the system is disabled and the executable is unavailable for download until you have tested your viewer successfully at least once using the Test Viewer button in Step 4 on your user page.

Also note, if your end-users login for support through our homepage, they will receive a message stating you have not completed the setup of your account.





Support clients faster, meet SLA agreements if they exist and get those clients happy and paying. Support software need not cost a lot. There are bells and whistles that come with more expensive remote support solutions and for that we all pay. If your looking to provide to your remote clients with pc remote control software that downloads easily to their computers and connect their desktop to yours then that is what we provide with the required features like file transfer and client auto-reconnections. We have an executable program that can be run for remote access and support or initial access can be achieved online through a web form - their are other options and the choice is yours.


pc remote control software


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