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PC Remote Support




PC Remote Support offers a hosted solution that permits the remote control of an unlimited number of computers for helpdesk or just computer support staff. With our system you can deliver pc remote control software that enables your helpdesk staff provide pc remote support over the web. The system is give you the tool for an on-demand remote desktop control software. It's a solution that fits almost any budget and is great offset or augment more costly remote support solution. Comparing this remote support software solution with other you could see the value in. We don't charge for email support and it's available for ever. We don't charge per license or seat for every computer you remote control. We don't charge for configuration changes. If your ISP changes for example., you could change your profile to match the new networking subnet that you've been assigned. With others you are forced to buy another hard-coded program and also have to wait for it. We provide the web site, the links, the software, and the online pc support tool that will enable you provide live on-demand remote pc support over the internet to as many end-users as you need to. 

The solution that gives you the web-based tech support tool you need to provide your end-users or customers technical pc support via online remote desktop control on the web. Our system is dynamic in that your not just sold a pre-programmed executable with your ip address packaged into it that's changeable only by paying an additional charge for a new compiled version. We have a remote support executable program for remote desktop control on the web that's downloadable for unlimited remote desktop support through the web but it's as dynamic as our automatic download that is java software based.

PC Remote Support Software

Our online remote support solution allows you to change your configuration for on-demand desktop remote control at any time and from anywhere through a browser on the internet. You can switch offices or location that you provide remote support from without having to get another program coded with your network information. Our scripts take care of the dynamic changes for you. If your network location or ISP changes, it may require a change in your remote support setup. Our system is flexible so you could continue to provide desktop remote control support to your end-users over the web un-interrupted and without an additional expense.

PC  Remote Control over the web

Our on-demand remote desktop control over the internet is affordable and easy to use. Just try it. We have a 10 day free evaluation program available. Within the thirty days you can use our remote pc support solution as often as you wish with no limitations to fully test it out to your satisfaction.


Remote Support Software

Your end-users' download pc remote control software from the web automatically or is run from 4Support.exe after manual online download. the software connects to YOUR desktop Viewer. You have to of course have the remote control desktop viewer running running and the computer it's running on must be connected to the internet and online in order to provide live support over the web. They login with your viewer id on our homepage or from the navigation link label login for remote support and no password. We will be adding support for emailing a remote support link right from your profile page or your favorite emailing program. When they run the 4Support.exe for remote support, they enter your viewer id when prompted. There is not password required to keep things simpler. With our solution in its current form, there's no logout required and don't foresee the need to have this feature added. We want to keep things as simple as possible. This is also the reason we have no pops on our site. You'll have live remote control of the pc over the web for remote support online.