On-demand Remote Support Software   December 2, 2022

On-demand Remote Support Software


Remote Support Software

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Software for Remote PC Support



Options for how your remote users can get support from you


Remote clients and customers can access to support by simply logging in from our homepage. Just guide them to our homepage to start a remote support session with you. Support software that gives technicians remote pc access and control downloads from our web-site once the online computer remote support session is initiated. The user needs no pre-installed software or special configurations on their network equipment. 


An email can be sent to the remote desktop user that contains a link for the user user to click on for remote support. Upon receiving the email, they just click the link contained inside to initiate  remote pc support session. Support software downloads to their computer and connects back to the tech support computer. No logging in for remote support is required.


Place a link for remote support on a personal web site or corporate. The link can be located on more than one web page or domain as there are no restrictions from which domain or web host you use for pc remote support session initiation. Remote desktop clients enter a code or PIN number to initiate the support software download. If using a special link provided to for every account, no PIN or code number needs to be entered.


Another option is to copy the pc support software exe file to your web-site for clients to download and run or link to the exe from your web site server's pages.





PC Support Software


PC support software can be downloaded to initiate a remote support session to give technicians or application specialists remote desktop access and remote control. Customers and end-users initiate a remote support session for support software to run. To start the remote support session, the clients enter a code or PIN number and click on the button to continue.



Remote Support


The form code shown below is standard html code. It's provided for copy and pasting and is intended to be used as a login web form similar to the one shown above. It's functionality is contiguous with the form on our homepage. It's used to start an online desktop remote support session. The colors and fonts are customizable and modified to match your site's support page.   







Sorry, the system is disabled and the executable is unavailable for download until you have tested your viewer successfully at least once using the Test Viewer button in Step 4 on your user page.

Also note, if your end-users login for support through our homepage, they will receive a message stating you have not completed the setup of your account.





Your remote support account gives you access to your clients desktops, servers, and all other network or computing devices in their office location. You can provide users fast tech support they've come to expect from you and your department and staff. This is accomplished with PC remote control software that downloads to the remote desktop computer for remote pc access of desktops via the web for remote support.



pc remote control software


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