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PC Remote Control Support Software

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We have a special program for those looking to earn some additional income.  Sell our online remote desktop support software service and we pay you.


The program is quite simple and straight forward:

Sell an account and earn $25.00 USD. 

For sales of accounts that are 10 or more for a single organization please email us for a special bonus compensation.

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Online remote desktop support  accounts are purchased online singularly.  If your remote support requirements are for more that a single purchase at one time please email us requesting special pricing discounts.  Pricing discounts begin at 10 or more remote support accounts per organization




Remote Support Software


This is a online remote support solution used by external support, IT departments, consultants and technology outsourcers around the world to increase customer satisfaction and reduce cost at same time. Lower the cost per user interaction and increase employee productivity. Diagnose computer problems faster, reduce handle times, dramatically increase first call resolution and eliminate your workload backlogs. Try this remote support solution. Once you have an account with the service you can remotely support computers over the internet. Control computers for end-user support.



Add a login form for your users to get support frm you right on one of your pages. We give you the html code to use. You don't have to learn any code scripting languages or programming languages. You don;t even have to know how to program in html. It's a copy and paste form. that you may customize with you own colors.





PC Remote Support Software



PC remote support software is an invaluable component for any tech support department. For supporting computers remotely on the web the easiest and fastest way to achieve pc remote support is by using pc remote support software. PC remote support software can save countless hours driving to office location in which the problem pc is located. There is another feature that's not always apparent to regular users of pc remote support software. That feature not only gives a tech remote pc access to computers remotely over the web but it let's them get on the desktop quicker than many standard software packages that require multiple steps to get on them provide remote pc support on through remote desktop access. 

Our software for pc remote support online system doesn't install services on the remote computer and relies on a dll that's downloaded with the exe to poll and send screen information. Computer services aren't added, so the user on the remote computer won't require admin rights to run the software. We believe it's a video compatibility issue with very few cards and it's still an open issue. This "black screen" behavior is very rare but it will very unfortunately happen. It happens so infrequently, the amount of data about the remote systems it happens on is thin. (04-06-07) (12-01-07)


software for pc remote support

 Online remote desktop support software free trial. Online remote desktop support software for pc remote control support purchase.

remote support software


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