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Remote Support Software

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Remote PC Support


We provide a

 PC remote support software solution that's a low cost

solution for 

on-demand remote pc control



No Pre-Installation is Required

The service consists of and uses remote computer control software for

web-based remote desktop support online. No pre-installed software is

required on the remote computer to provide tech support over the web.


No Hidden Fees or Charges - Your Cost will Never Increase

There's never any per usage charges or limits, no connection or computer counting, no bandwidth usage charges, there's no hardware or specialized remote support servers to buy and maintain. There's NO need to spend  thousands of dollars per license or per tech-support staff member plus yearly maintenance fees.


Provide remote tech support assistance to virtually any PC anywhere. Even if your end-user has legacy dial-up Internet access and/or legacy OS.




Supported Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, and Windows Server Editions.


A live working Internet connection, a working computer :) , Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater, FireFox 2.0 or greater, Google Chrome from the beginning, Opera, or any other Mozilla browser.  

You login to your remote support account and start your remote control desktop viewer.


When you start your viewer, it runs minimized with a tray icon. It's ready and waiting for a connection from a remote computer for you to access and control. There's nothing more you need to do. When a remote computer connects, the viewer opens automatically to a full window.         Windows 8 Task Bar - Remote Desktop Control
  Ready for

remote desktop control on the web

The remote computer does NOT NEED Java and DOES NOT NEED Active-X components or other browser add-ons installed (which confuses many users) or any other software pre-installed for remote PC control.

The remote client side automatic download uses Java but it's NOT required. A link for your end-user will always be available, and clearly labeled, for manual downloading. So, if your end-user's browser doesn't have a Java plug-in installed for the automatic download and connection, there'll be a link for them to click on to initiate a manual software download of the computer remote control software.


Again, no installation is required, the remote clients then just click Run or Open like any other Internet download, they'll be prompted to re-enter a remote support code or "PIN number". Once the number is entered, the remote control software connects to you for remote support. The exe that's downloaded can also be used standalone.

Optionally, with our Remote Support Service Plus Plan®, you can have a custom built executable that does not prompt the user. Learn more...


Once connected, you'll have total remote control of their desktop. Transfer files, chat, diagnose and solve problems as if you were sitting there. Our system even works in safe mode. If your users have a bad Internet connection, there's an auto-reconnect feature that re-connects their desktop back to you. 

No Hardware or Dedicated Servers to Buy and Maintain:


No modifications are required on the customers' or end-user's router, firewall, or computer - only on your own network. Once your remote support software account is activated, just setup a simple port forward on your router to your desktop.  If you have multiple support professionals within your office and you've purchased several accounts, then just use a different port number for each support person ...simple.  You could have two, three, or a dozen or more technicians and each of them could provide desktop remote support to multiple end-users at the same time ...efficient.




Remote Support Solution

There is no extra charge for configuration changes or software support. If your network conditions change, such as an ISP change, public IP address change, or your office location changes, you can easily modify your remote support configuration to accommodate the new networking environment. We don't sell just an executable packaged with your IP address and port number. We designed our service to be adaptive to your remote pc support needs by permitting dynamic on-demand changes and updates as required. 



It's easy to see and setup your remote support account settings for computer remote control over the Internet or LAN and private WAN using the same account. Click on the image below to see a sample account profile & remote support configuration page screen shot.



 remote support software for pc remote control member page sample


The user whom your trying to provide online remote pc support just enters your viewer id in the login field that's located right on our homepage and then clicks connect. We use a customized version of VNC that gets downloaded to the target computer and connects to your desktop viewer.  Instantly you see the remote desktop and have full real time remote control over it!  VNC for many years has been and still is a reliable on-demand pc remote control software utility.             

See your end-user's experience when they login for remote desktop support from you.


Click on images for more information and larger size.



    The end-user enters a code number.    Software downloads to their computer.
You provide it. It's a simple 5 to 7 numbers. NO ActiveX browser altering add-ons or pop-ups


Your see and can control their computer

    desktop in a viewer window on yours.



 Remote Tech Support Software

We're techs too and use this service ourselves. We are very satisfied that the value you get is tremendous compared to the cost.  Especially when you compare our cost to ANY other on demand remote support solution. You could test it out yourself totally free for 10 days - there's no credit card needed or commitment required - only a valid email address to which a remote support activation email is sent. Remote control computers over the Internet in minutes. Create an account and give it a test run.

Additional Benefits:

Each account can connect to an unlimited number of computers - there are no restrictions what so ever.


There's no bandwidth usage fees such as those some boutique remote support solutions charge on top of the hundreds a month charged to have an account.  We have just one LOW flat rate. Period. 


You could change your own configuration very simply from one form on your profile page. Other services charge to make these changes for you.


There's no elaborate software configurations, dedicated servers required or complicated web URLs for your users to type or for you to maintain. Our pc remote support software for on demand remote pc control service is very simple to setup, maintain, and use.

Try it free - No credit card or commitment required!





 Remote support software for online PC remote control support software free trial. Online pc remote control software for remote support purchase.

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