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Remote Support Software



PC Remote Support Software

As improvement are made to our pc remote support software, so to are advances taking place in our support area for help and answers to questions. We are building our remote support member help area as we're constantly trying to improve the PC remote control for desktop remote support service we provide to you. Software for desktop remote support is software that lets you save time and money by connecting to your end-users or clients through the web and provide support to computers through the web without having to travel to other offices or spend hours on the phone.


The remote computer user just wants the problem solved. Without their desktop or the applications that are on the desktop to let them be productive they can't work. Remote support software let's technicians get to the problem quicker to save the desktop user from valuable downtime. They also would much rather prefer to have a pc techs take care of the problem too rather than following instructions over the phone. PC Remote Support software saves them time too as they don't need to stay on the phone troubleshooting or diagnosing computer problems witch they know nothing about.

It will include a Frequently Ask Question list/Knowledge Base.  If you have any computer remote control support questions, we'll be very happy to answer them and assist you. Our service is used throughout the world not just the US or Canada. We can be found in use by support organizations in Australia, Canada (great Canadian tech support following), The UK (United Kingdom, Britain). Ireland, Most all of Europe, new Zealand, Germany, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, France (the French) , Iceland has México (Mexico) the list too, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil (many other south American countries).

We very much apologize for any inconvenience.

For questions on how to setup port forwarding on your router, gateway or firewall, for now please see the device manufacture's web site.

Although a modified version of VNC is used, it works almost exactly as the unmodified version with some features unavailable and some predetermined defaults set.  The features that are unavailable are such because there's no installation required. To keep the process simple for end users you are supporting remotely, we've eliminated the need to have to run an installation.


Remote Desktop Support Software

Software for desktop remote support is a fantastic tool for providing online computer remote support to users who work from home and connect tot he corporate network through VPN tunnels or other means to get to their office documents and other files. Remote desktop support software provides the means and the reach for technical support staff to engage an end user for a support session. Other uses for remote desktop remote support software are for showing a user a software application feature or for training. 

Remote Computer Access


 Computer Remote Support

When to use the IP Address of your computer

(Network diagrams will related to remote computer access for computer remote support will be made available in the near future for your convenience) 



On your configuration page, use the current IP address of your computer and not your router/gateway/firewall if:


- If your using this service on a network where your system and the computer system you're trying to remote control are both part of, such as a LAN.


- If your using this service on a network where your system and the computer you're trying to remote control are both part of a corporate WAN. 


An example of a corporate WAN is where a company or organizations s has two or more offices interconnected via dedicated circuits such as a T1s, leased lines, or Frame Relay.  VPNs also fall into this category so long as the VPN is "up" between the computer your trying to desktop remote control and the network your on.  In such cases as those just described, you just set the IP address in your member profile to the IP address of your computer and not the address of your external router/gateway. 


-  If your using this service and your computer is directly connected to a cable modem or DSL modem (or ISDN modem for our members in other parts of the world) with no router in between and you have a public IP assigned to your system automatically from your ISP.

If you have any questions concerning online computer remote support or pc remote support, we'll be very happy to answer them and assist you. Please email support at

Computer Remote Access


 PC Remote Support

Compared to other system in our category or a similar one in nature to our online pc remote support system, we don't look to charge our users additional fees for providing remote support to their remote customers, Other services try to charge for bandwidth usage or count remote support sessions that a tech account or the pc remote support. PC remote support shouldn't have to measured or metered in any way. People who have worked in the tech support or computer support industry know that there could be a computer problem at any given moment and many times there could be more than one issue occurring at one time. To be able to guess the number of calls a tech group will get requiring pc remote support to aid in resolving those issues within a given time can be grossly miscounted.



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