Email a Remote Support Link


Email a support link to your end-user or customer. When the email is received and the link is clicked, a browser window will open on the user's computer loading the connect page. On that page is a button labeled Connect which they must click on for the remote control software download to initiate and connect back to you.


Make sure your remote support viewer is running and was tested successfully using the tester located on your user page before you send the remote support email. If it is not running or has not tested successfully, the user whom your sending this email too will click on the link and the remote computer and not connect.


TEST YOUR VIEWER before trying to support a remote user. Use the Test Viewer button located on your main user page.








Send To:        


You can include a message with the link. Your message will appear         Click here to view an image

before the link and some generic message text in the email body:         of the page that will load when

the end-user clicks the link.


Return to your user profile page   





Desktop Remote Support Software -::-

 PC Remote Support Software


PC remote support over the web via link sent through email. Let your end-users get support even easier than before with this support feature. They don't have to login to a web site or even open a browser. Once they click on the link sent, a page loads on our site automatically for them. To get access of the remote desktop to support them remotely over the internet, they just need to click on the connect button. remote control software downloads to their computer and their desktop will be viewable in your desktop viewer and you'll have complete remote control of the system.