Remote Desktop Support Software      July 6, 2022

Remote Support Software


  Remote Desktop Support Software


Remote desktop support software on-demand for web based online remote PC control.

On account allows you to remote control an unlimited number of computers remotely via the web. There are no additional fees for added computers. You could change the computer your providing remote assistance from with any additional charges or fees. There are no bandwidth charges or charges associated with time online. We don't count remote support sessions or charge per session, remote desktop connection or restrict you in the number of pc remote support sessions you may have within a given period of time. Support as many computers as you need to via the web. The rate is fare and very competitive with no additional surprise costs or charges.


Although our remote desktop support software is an Internet based remote support solution, there's never any bandwidth usage charges, there's no hardware or specialized devices, appliances, or servers to buy and maintain, no website links to maintain (although you can do so if you prefer), no .exe files to email and get caught in filters, and there's no need to spend thousands of dollars per remote support license or seat plus yearly maintenance for the solution. Remote desktop support software shouldn't have to be so expensive. 


There are some remote desktop support software packages, remote support tools or remote desktop support utilities that just sell you a program that has your networks IP address compiled into it. This type of remote support solution is lacking in one large aspect, if your network conditions change such as your ISP changes or you need to provide pc remote support software form a different location then you have to get another program which usually means purchasing a new copy. Our system for remote pc access can be changed and dynamically can adjust to your needs for providing on-demand pc remote support.




With the purchase of each remote support account you get:

Unlimited usage - there are no limitations or restrictions.

Unlimited bandwidth and remote sessions. Never any charges or fees . . . ever.

Connect and support an unlimited number of computers worldwide on-demand.

No charge for service updates or added features. (Check for service news & updates here)

No web site links to maintain and update - You can use your own website if you prefer.

Support is included - forever - with no additional charge.

Send email support links from your user page or use your desktop email client.

No DDNS (Dynamic DNS) accounts or host software required.

No outdated executables that have your IP address burned into them.

Change locations or computers your providing remote support from any time - no extra charges.

Connect to as many remote desktops as you need to with just one tech support account.

Remotely support multiple computers at the same time. Each session will be in its own window.

Unlimited File Transfer with no bandwidth limitations or any other restrictions.

Administrator privileges are not required on the remote computer.

Provide remote support to computers while they're in Safe Mode.

Screen scaling, the remote computer's screen fits inside your viewer's window.

Auto-reconnect - remote clients reconnect automatically if network connection breaks.

Branding - your logo or other image is displayed on pages your clients see on our site.

Logging - see and review times and dates remote support sessions were initiated.

Desktop shortcuts to automatically login to your remote support account.

Live Chat - FREE html code: copy and paste into pages on your site.  Learn more...    


                  Try it for free for 10 days. We don't even ask for a credit card to try.



Your remote support account allows you to connect to an unlimited number of remote computers on the web to provide remote assistance to users anywhere they may be. Even remotely support multiple computers at the same time.



Remote Support Software             


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