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February 11, 2006


Fast on-demand computer remote control software for web-based remote desktop support online

just got even better.  


Our remote support solution has just been improved and now includes an application version. The download of this executable version of our on-demand remote support software can be initialized from a link available to our customer's remote users upon login to the site for support or can be placed on their own web servers. The program file is available for download and distribution from our customer's user account page. Evaluation account holders also have access to the remote support software program.  This remote support tool lifts the Java VM requirement on the remote desktop system.  It's available for download from our customers profile page and, just as our automatic download enabled network configuration changes at no cost, so does this additional support tool.


The update also makes available more options for delivery. For example, the tech support staff can send the remote support program via email. It also enables our customers to setup links on their own web-sites for their end-users and customers to download support software for on-demand pc remote control support on the web.


We never charge for bandwidth usage, incidents, minutes, sessions, computers, users, etc.. There's no hardware or specialized remote desktop servers to buy and maintain, and there's NO need to spend  thousands of dollars per license or seat or for appliances that will need a support contract and  upgrades that translates to spending more money to maintain plus yearly software maintenance fees. Remote control and support multiple remote desktops on-demand simultaneously (at the same time) on the Internet. Change computers or networks your providing remote support from without additional charges, fees, or hassle.


Try it free now! 




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June 3, 2006  

Well a nice and handy feature for a remote support software solution to include is giving their users an option to email a remote support link to their end-users or customers.


We've just added this feature in an effort to further make providing remote pc technical assistance simpler and faster. This new feature allows you to send an email directly from your user page. What makes this method a very useful tool and utility is that when the email is received, the recipient just has to click on the link clearly marked and located in the message body. When clicked, a browser window opens on their desktop and loads a connect page on our site - logging in to the web site is bypassed with this method of remote desktop access.


To see the page from which a remote support link could be emailed click here.


Providing this additional support tool makes it even simpler to deliver pc remote support software and provide online remote support because the remote computer user just clicks on a link from their own inbox skipping the steps of having to manually open a browser window and navigate to our homepage and skipping the login.



   June 17, 2006



A minor timing issue was resolved and corrected. When 4Support.exe, the small downloadable program available for placing on personal or company web sites to provide users remote tech support, was run and the incorrect support id was entered, the window would display too long. The program window would show on the remote desktop for about 20 seconds which is much too long. It has been shortened to about 5 seconds.

We're looking to release another update to our remote it support program. This update include asking the remote desktop user re-enter the tech support id if an incorrect support engineer id is entered. Currently, the program must be re-download and run again for remote pc support.


August 17, 2006  
Changed the method end-users login for support. Instead of using their engineer's email address, they now use a unique viewer ID that's assigned to all of our users upon registration. Switching from email addresses to id numbers, the number of typos entered by remote desktop users should decrease tremendously.
October 31, 2006
File transfer has been added to our service. Now our users can transfer files to and from the remote desktop system to theirs or from the local supporting computer and it's connected network drives to the remote pc. The new system is currently in "beta" format and our users are given an option at login to select which version they prefer to use. It's a non forced update so our users can continue using the current system and don't need to do anything differently.
December 24, 2006
Remote client auto-reconnect feature was added. The feature is an option that our users can set to enabled or disabled from their user options page once logged in. This feature is helpful, and we feel a requirement, in remote tech support software. There are so many reasons a client can disconnect during a session one of which is a bad network connection or bad-ware that our users are trying to eradicate from their clients computer remotely. Rather than requiring the end-user to re-initiate the remote pc support session manually, this feature can be turned on and the remote client software will re-connect to your viewer automatically.
January 23, 2007
Added a auto-reconnect feature for remote support sessions that allows users to select whether they would like to have their clients reconnect automatically if there's a
network problem.
February 23, 2007
We have worked out Vista issues regarding the IE7/Vista combination. We have successfully tested
and have had users also successfully run their viewers with the IE7/Vista combination. FireFox can still be used as a workaround to IE7 on Vista or as the browser of choice. FireFox 2.x is of course compatible.
April 3, 2007 
Branding at no additional cost - Remote Tech Support Software : We've added some basic branding that allows your clients and customers see your logo, or other image, on our web pages your users see when getting remote support for you. Now, when your uses go to our site, or you've emailed them a remote support link, or were redirected from your website for remote support, they'll see your logo at the top of web pages they load. Add your address, phone number, or contact information all on a nice sizes jpeg file. Uploading is easy and your image can be changed at any time from your user page.
May 5, 2007

A feature in IE, not found in other browsers, had prevented end-users from using the enter key after entering their support tech's id number on our homepage to login for support. They had to click on the login button to continue. JavaScript was not used for this solution. Server side scripts were modified to overcome this limitation so now an end-user can enter the tech id and hit the enter key on their keyboard or click the button to continue to get support. Also, now when out homepage loads, focus is placed directly on the field for user to enter a support tech id. These changes, although seemingly minor, should help for a smoother remote support experience for the end-users and the tech trying to provide pc remote support remotely.

June 23, 2007

Modified the client software to ignore or disregard other computer remote control software running as services in the background on the remote desktop clients. The client, when connecting, would either try to use the other software if were installed and running for the remote pc support session, use the the other pc remote control software version, or use some it's settings which disabled some features in the client on the remote computer. The configuration changes and update will effect new downloads of the client software to the remote computers. The update is automatic and requires no extra effort by the tech or the remote user to implement.

September 2, 2007

Added logging of remote viewer connections. We had requests to have the remote computers accessing accounts for remote support logged. This can allow for administrators of their web based remote support accounts to view activity occurring and connections being made. The log contains the IP address of the remote computer and from where is was started from meaning whether it was run from our executable or from a web-site login. Logged events go back thirty days and logged remote computer events are logged immediately for nearly real-time retrieval and viewing.

October 10, 2007

Added logging of various viewer actions such as access times and IP address changes. These events can tell administrators from were their web based remote support accounts are being access from. Since out service allows for dynamic IP address changes allowing for mobility of the tech support station and for changing the computer or network from which the remote support account is used, seeing viewer activity helps secure accounts and clients. Logged events go back thirty days and are up to the moment statistics as the events are logged immediately.

November 28, 2007

Added html code for coy and pasting into technician web-sites. The html code consists of a login form that can be placed on our customers' sites from which their client, desktop end-users or employees can go to start a remote support session. This means they don't have to come to our web-site but their own. The form, just as the one on our page works, accepts the "PIN" code or tech support ID number to start a web based remote support session with. A new web browser window opens with a page form our site that contains the session connect button. The remote computer user clicks on the connect button to start a pc remote control support session with tech support.

April 28, 2008

With more online remote desktop support service improvements scheduled and on the horizon, support for remote clients running Windows Vista operating system platform has been improved. Disconnects caused by UAC prompts have been reduced and in most cases completely eliminated. Maintain remote control of the remote client system even if the remote user has user access control enabled.

June 28, 2008

Our clients can drag and drop shortcuts to their desktops or other local folders for web based remote desktop support. The desktop shortcuts are optional and allow our users to automatically login to their accounts and go directly to their user page "control panel". Optionally, they can take this automatic login a step further and login to their account and automatically test connectivity to their remote desktop viewer.

  October 27, 2008

The support executable we provide to our users has been updated to version 2.04. The remote desktop support tool used by many of our users, 4Support.exe, was updated to include support for drive letter other than C:. Although the vast majority of remote desktops and servers will have their system drive be the letter C:, the de-facto standard, there have been instances where remote computers are using alternate drive letters such as D:. This version 2.04 update of the support executable includes support for a remote computer to still get remote support without a C: drive.

  June 29, 2009


Add online live chat support to your web site. Included with our support software is live chat HTML code that you can copy and paste into pages on your own web site. This allows your users to chat live with you or our support staff even prior to any remote access or remote control is initialized. Even before connecting to a remote desktop for support, you can have an HTML chat window open. It could also be open without even having a current connection to a remote desktop for support. The chat window to the remote client is similar to web site chat programs we have all used when getting support online when on web sites. The chat window can be used for basic product support on your site, general inquiries or precluding a remote support session.  It's FREE and included with our service.


  March 25, 2010


Chat code updates for some issues with Firefox. Corrected the size of the window and layout that with FF, cut off several lines at the end of the form.  This problem was corrected for Windows 7 with Firefox.


  June 26, 2010


Browser HTML corrections and server side scripts enhancements to better detect OS and browser version. Up dated code for the remote side of the pages viewed and operability with Firefox. tested remote user side with latest Java updates. 


  July 28, 2010


Updated HTML and server side script code for Google Chrome and Firefox updates. There was a minor problem with the code to upload company logos for customizing and branding remote support pages.


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