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Remote on-demand client PC access for providing web based online support.

Operate a helpdesk of support company or an IT department, manage a staff of techs, or are you the tech support? Although well trained clients and users know you can't be everywhere at one time and solve all problems all at once, there are remote support tools that can help you get them done faster.


For those who have a support department that services outside clients either on an SLA or by incident, you know that time is money and a missed service call could mean revenue not reaching the company bank account. There's no time to waste and getting to as many support jobs as possible means more satisfied customers.


Without having to hire more staff you can easily make the staff more efficient without having to accrue large technical support application deployment costs or moving your client base to a NOC center or managed system. Juts get software that does the leg work in many instances for the techs. PC remote support software lends to more efficiency and improved customer relations and satisfaction. PC remote support enables helpdesks and pseudo helpdesk achieve a higher rate of solution implementations without the need for extra travel. are on-demand is one of the most practical and affordable solutions.


Remote Support

Even if you already own a pricey product, get more techs supporting clients remotely without the expensive licenses.


Technology orientated support or application development companies require a pc remote support solution. Our system is an online remote PC support solution that allows a techs, helpdesks, application developers and other to get remote control access of a desktop through the web to provide quick remote pc support.





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Remote Support Software             


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