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Since just about all of our customers are also IT people, everything written will be assuming you, as the reader, has some basic working knowledge of networking, security, computer applications.



Setup Information, Tips & Reminders

The remote computer runs remote control that software connects to YOUR support viewer. The remote desktop connection could be over the Internet for web based remote support of clients or on your LAN for internal user client desktop support.


The software the remote clients execute is downloaded automatically when the remote client initiates a connection or is run from 4Support.exe after a manual download by the remote client.  The remote support viewer program should be running on your computer that will be used to provide remote support from before your remote end-user tries to connect.




Over The Internet Computer Remote Support (Web Based Remote Support)


If you're remotely supporting desktops on the web, set the IP address on your main user page in  Step 1 to the current public address of your network. In most cases, as you know, this is the WAN IP address of your Internet router or firewall. Setup TCP port forward/port translation on your router or firewall to your computer.


Your public IP address is shown in the upper right corner of your user profile page under Browser IP Address. This is, in most cases, the address that you enter in Step 1 of your account setup and matches the WAN internet address of your router/firewall or gateway. Remember to configure TCP port forwarding on your Internet firewall/router.


   Computer Remote Support Software

No changes or modifications are required on remote client's computer or network, only on your side of the connection per location since you can use your account from the office, from home or anywhere else you can set port-forwarding on. Alternatively, you can remote into the computer you regularly provide support from with other unattended remote control software and once logged in, provide support to clients. 



The default TCP port number shown on your main user page (Step 2) works fine with only few exceptions. You could change the port number at any time to almost any port number you prefer to use. Just remember if you change the port number in Step 2, update the firewall/router to reflect the change i nthe port number and restart your remote support viewer software. The IP address and port number are used by your end-user's software when they login to get support from you.

Once the ip address and port number for your account is set, start your remote support viewer and run the connection tester (Step 4) and get a successful result. At this point your good to go for Internet support. If you need help please just email our support group. We can help only if we know your having trouble.



Steps to configure port forwarding on your router or firewall can be found at the following site:


                             (You don't need to download PFConfig)


The site above lists hundreds of routers by manufacturer and provide configuration screen shots. If you're still having trouble, then email us.




Local LAN Network & Private WAN Remote Computer Support


If you're remotely supporting computers on your local LAN network or private WANs such as MPLS, VPNs, point-to-point lines, etc., configure Step 1 on the main user page with the IP address of the computer from which you'll be providing remote support from. This IP address is normally a private address subnet for your LAN (e.g.. 192.168.x.x,10.x.x.x,172.16.x.x - 172.31.x.x). Port forwarding doesn't play a role for LAN support since your on the same local network subnet.




You could change your IP & port settings whenever and as often as  needed.

Usually when changing ISPs you'll get a new public address assigned. If you change your ISP, for example from cable to DSL, visa versa, or to another type of connection. Just simply make the change on your user page to match the new provider.


You'll probably not change the port number often but if you do, just remember to update your firewall/router and to restart your viewer if you make a port change since that will be the current port your end-user or customer will be trying to connect to. If your network public IP changes then you could configure a new IP address in Step 1 of the main user page.




Using Remote Desktop Protocol (Microsoft's RDP - Remote Desktop Protocol) for any testing.


Using RDP is not recommended for any testing. If your testing the service out by first connecting to a remote computer using Microsoft's remote desktop protocol (RDP) first then you may not get a connection and or other unpredictable behaviors can occur. The remote control software will work through an RDP session but not always when the same computers are doing both an RDP and a 4RemoteSupport session at the same time.


How Do Remote Computer Users Access The Remote Support Software.  


There are a number of options and choices. Here are the most common.


1. Login with your viewer id on our homepage (no password or account required, they just enter your number/code). The form to enter your address is clearly labeled with "Login Below for Remote Support". Depending on the remote user, it may be simpler for them to go to:


                            (www is not required)



When they enter either of the above URLs into their browser manually or if you emailed them the site link which they then clicked on, a page loads with a single form for them to enter the viewer number to start a remote support session. The page is similar to the one shown below.


2. Your remote clients can gownload 4Support.exe from your website. You can place the remote support program 4Support.exe on your website for your users to download and run. A local copy could saved on the remote computer to be run at a later time.

When 4Support.exe is downloaded and executed for remote support by your end-user or customer, they enter your viewer id when prompted and no password. Your viewer id can be found on your user page.



3. You could send the remote user or customer a remote support link via email from your user page or by using your own email program like Microsoft Outlook.



4. Place a form on your site. Remote clients and/or end-users can initiate a remote support session from your web site.  We give you the HTML code to paste into your web page. No need to learn HTML or scripting languages. The following is an option, it is NOT required.



  Simply copy and paste the following code to any page on your web site.





  The following is the result of the code above when added to a web page on your web site or other

  personal web page space.



                    Remote Support




  Learn more about how your users get to support from you, click here.


Java is Required on The Computer That Will Have The Viewer Loaded.


Before you begin, make sure you have Java installed and enabled on your computer system and for the browsers you intend to use.  Your end-users will NOT need it but your support computers do.



      Click here to start your Java installation or upgrade or go to




The Java VM is required for your systems NOT YOUR REMOTE END-USER. It's needed to automatically download your Viewer to your computer and start with your port setting.


A link for your end-users to manually download the remote control support software has been added on the same page as the connect button and on pages that open if java is not found on the remote computer.



YOU need Java installed on your computer, remote clients that will be connecting to you DO NOT.



Since your probably an IT person, you'll most likely understand the basic setup requirements and that implementing them needs to be done just once. If your network conditions change you could modify your profile's IP configuration to match. Changes are done freely from the main user page at no additional cost. Other providers of on-demand remote support software and services charge to make changes for you.









If you have any questions please email us at

For service update news see our Service Update page.






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