July 6, 2022

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Get remote control of almost any pc desktop quickly over the LAN, WAN, and the Internet without having to worry about getting through firewalls or routers. No pre-installed software is required on the remote computer and your end user's computer connects to you for remote support.


There's no elaborate installation programs or software configurations required.  No hardware to buy for remote desktop support, no web site URLs to maintain (optional - you could have links on your own web site but you don't have to since we provide them for you on ours), no exe files to email (optional, you could email 4Support.exe but don't have to as it's available to your clients from our site as a browser download) and have the attached file blocked or caught by email filters.


We've made it affordable, simple, easy and fast to provide remote desktop control on the web to remote computers online. With on demand PC remote control you could remotely support end-users, weather they're customers, fellow employees or friends and family quickly saving time & money.





On-demand PC Remote Control for Support


Provide remote desktop support to a remote computer on the web with remote control software that connects through the Internet with just a few simple steps.

Your end-user logs in for remote support using a numeric code. The code can be called whatever you prefer. Some examples are: PIN, connection number, session number, session code, etc..


The remote users start a session by logging in right on our homepage, you could email them a remote support link using your email program or from your user page on our web site, you could add a link or a login form on your website  - we provide you the link URL code and the form code to add to your page. The code is for a basic HTML form similar to the one shown in the image below.


Your users can start a support session from our homepage or you have the option to add a login form on your site - we give you the html source code to simply paste into one of your web site's pages. It will look similar to the following but you can customize the form to match the appearance of the rest of your web site.


                        OPTIONAL - Add a form on your web site for your remote clients or users.





There's no extra thinking or typing required on the end-users part to get access to receive remote support from you. No password is required, only your online remote support code number is required for the end-user whom you're trying to support remotely






                on demand remote desktop support


Once logged in, they just click the remote support connect button.  When clicked, remote control PC software downloads to their computer on-demand and connects to your Viewer right through their NAT router and/or firewall. No configuration is required on the remote end-user side what so ever. *Note: They do NOT need Java VM installed and enabled. A newly released service update now includes a link to a downloadable executable file as a remote support connection option. You could even email the 4Support.exe file or place a link on your web site.


There's no configuring of software by the end-user or their hardware - there's really nothing for them to think about. The client-side software downloads with the configuration you preset in your remote support software profile page.



Java is NOT Required. The images below show the automatic download of the support software. The remote desktop end-user could manually download the 4Support.exe file, or you could email it, or have a link on your site. If the remote pc computer browser has Java installed and enabled the download will be automatic. If they do not they will be presented with an obviously labeled link to click on and manually download. Then they just click Run or Open to connect to you.


                online remote pc support



Their remote desktop screen is displayed on yours remotely within seconds through the Viewer running on your computer and you have full remote control of their computer over the Internet.


For no additional cost, added effort, or requirements, you could remotely access, remote control and support several remote computer desktop systems at the same time (simultaneously).

There's no elaborate installation programs, software configurations, hardware to buy, web site URLs to maintain, .exe or config files to create or compile. There's no emailing required of special support files to your clients/users that would get caught in email filters.



Remote Tech Support Software

Within seconds after receiving a call for help, you could have their desktop displayed in your viewer and full remote control of their PC online over the web.  Now you could solve the problem quickly without the hassle of trying to talk the remote computer user through the steps over the phone or the need to travel to the location they're in. 


Computer support professionals and network administrator can use our remote computer access service for single or multiple sites within their company.  Support employees who work from home over the Internet using online PC remote control on demand. The service works over the internet from the web on demand through firewalls and routers.


       Try it free, you have nothing to lose. We don't even ask for a credit card for trial period...


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