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Remote Support Software

Remote IT Support


PC Remote Support


   Remotely support computers quickly online from the web to save time and

     money. Remote tech support could be just a click or two away.


   Get remote control of PC desktop systems on-demand over the LAN, WAN,

     and on the Internet. Remotely access desktops and any pc anywhere.  


   No elaborate installation programs, no software configuration required, no

     hardware to buy. no time consuming maintenance. Just sign-up and go.  



Get remote control of a target computer system on the web with just a few simple steps.





Desktop Remote Support Software



Q. What's the catch, do I have to provide a credit card number that will get billed automatically?


A. There is no catch and there's no obligation.


Use our service for 10 days and provide unlimited web based remote tech support to remote computer systems.  Our remote support evaluation account is a totally free, unrestricted evaluation period. We hope you try our online PC remote control support software product, find value in it and add it as a web based computer support tool for yourself personally or for your organization.



Q. So what's required to create a user account?


A. Just a valid email address to sign-up and login.


The only required information for creating an evaluation account is a valid email address to send the account activation email to. It's also required the feature that permits you to send a remote support email link from your user page. We recommend using your real name in the name fields of the the signup form since it will be seen by your end users. Your email is never sold or given to anyone.



Q. What do I do next after I sign-up for an account?


A. Start using it.


Once you create and setup your account, login to your remote support software account and start your viewer and setup the simple port forward on your gateway router or firewall. Use the Viewer tester that's available once your logged in to your account.  After a successful connectivity test with the tester, try the service with a friend or associate.  Direct them to open a browser window and go to our homepage where they can login for remote PC support using your viewer id and no password. Then, they click a connect button on the page that follows the login. Within seconds you'll have their remote desktop displayed in your Viewer and full on-demand remote pc control of their desktop on the web. Since our recent update, your end-user doesn't have to our web-site. They could go to yours and download a remote support program that runs and connects back to your computer for on-demand pc remote control support  



Q. When can I start using my remote support account?


A. Right away. You'll receive an account activation link via email when you sign-up.


When you create your support account, a profile page is automatically generated and is ready to use. See what your personal online pc remote support profile page will look like and how easy it is to change your configuration if your network conditions change or to switch from over the Internet remote desktop support to LAN remote support or private corporate WAN support. Our online computer support software allows you to connect to your clients computer as often as needed with extra charges or fees.


View Sample Remote Support Profile Page Screen Shot.








PC Remote Control on The Web


  Great for computer support professionals for fast on demand remote PC support online.

  Network administrators who maintain a single or multiple sites within their organization.

  Remotely support users who connect to the office from home through the Internet or VPNs. 

  The PC remote control support service works over the Internet through firewalls and NAT routers.

  Computer support software downloads from the Internet and connects to your viewer automatically.


 Remote Support   Remote support solution


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