RDP Manager - RDPMan

Simple, fast and efficient RDP Management.

  • Manage and access your RDP / RDC connections from anywhere, any time from any desktop, laptop, or other device.

  • A simple tool for IT Admins, Helpdesks, for anyone who frequently utilizes remote desktop connection protocol.

  • 100% Online. Manage RDP connections anywhere. Have your RDP connections to servers and desktops wherever you are with RDPMan™.

  • Effective tool for maintaining a list of your favorite most used or even infrequently used RDP connections.

  • No installation required - travel from office to office, move from desktop to desktop and always have your list of remote desktop connections.

  • Centralize access to servers and desktops such as domain controllers, file servers, any RDP enabled system with RDPMan™.

  • Share your RDP connections. One account can be used by an entire IT Dpt or have individual accounts. The choice is yours.

Centralized Management, Access, and Sharing of RDP/RDC Connections

Easy access and Administration of all your RDP connections online.
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Managed Remote Desktop Connections List


Simple Management of RDP Connections for an Administrator, a Team, or IT Dpt.

Using only a browser, you can manage your RDP/RDS connections and have them available to you instantly anytime anywhere from any server, desktop or device. There's no installation of a remote desktop connection manager application required.

List of all RDP Connections for Easy Centralized Management and Access with Any Device

Connections are managed using only a browser. Create or remove connections instantly. With RDPMan™, new connections are immediately available to a whole team if sharing. There's No exporting/importing of RDC connections required to share and manage because no software client installation is required to manage RDP connections. All connections are stored in the cloud.

Centralize administration and management of all remote desktop connections using a web browser. Windows, MacOS, Linux, iPhone, Android and virtually any other device can be used to manage the connections and connect using your favorite remote desktop client that adheres to and uses rdp files. RDP files don't have to be placed on insecure servers, or copied around various systems for all permitted users to have access to the same connections.

Managed and stored in the cloud, RDP connections can be shared with a team simply and easily.
No management or client software installation is required to centrally manage RDP connections. Unlike many remote desktop connection managers, RDPMan requires no software installation and is accessible by virtually any device with a web browser.

Centrally Administer and Access Remote Desktop RDP / RDC Connections using Only a Browser

All from one UI and super secure since no passwords are saved on the web.

RDP files are generated in real-time. Use your preferred favorite RDP clients. Compatible with MacOS, Linux, Windows or other OS/device with an RDP client. Browser based online remote desktop connection administration from ANY device with a browser and Internet connection.

Manage RDC Connections Online with a Browser
No Installation Required

Simple UI

Manage RDP Connections

Access Saved Connections with a Browser

Manage and Access RDP/RDC Connections
Add Connections in Seconds

Use IP or Hostname

RDP Connection Manager

Use Default or Custom Port Number

Manage, Access, and Share RDP Connections Online Using Only Browser
Access Connections Anywhere

RDP File Downloads

Run/Open RDP File

Simply Open the RDP File to Run with a RDP Client

RDP Connection Logging.
View Account Activity Log

Activity Log

Audit, Review Changes & Access

Display Account Activity and Usage

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