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  remote support on the web is one of the best and fastest ways to provide support to computer end-users or even for server tech support.

Out service still support NT 4.0 Microsoft windows 20008  server. many remote support services and solutions have forced their customers to upgrade with an additional cost to include support for newer windows and other operating system. They have abandoned support for windows NT 4.0 server and for other legacy operating systems by Microsoft. operating systems such and windows 98 and worst of all windows 2000 server and desktop editions.

We still maintain support for those and newer operating systems by Microsoft and are looking to expand support for other systems as well like mackintosh MAC clients and even Linux. For basic remote control and remote access of remote support software to establish connections over the web and online for on-demand remote control desktop support. On demand remote support software and remote support on the web is the supported throughout the industry for technical support staff and for applications specialist to access computers and servers remotely for web based and online pc support software. Remote support on the web constitutes pc remote control and desktop remote control and access components to collectively create a system that's helps facilitate remote support on the web. the major components are remote support software, pc remote control software for computer remote support and desktop remote access software.





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