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Set System Options for Your

Remote Support

Account - Viewer ID

Customize the behavior of the system for your remote support account. Some settngs chanegs require the viewer to be restarted.


Remote Support Viewer Options.



Return to your main user page




RESTART YOUR VIEWER after saving changed options for the new settings to take affect.

Auto scale the remote computer's screen to fit in your viewer automatically.  
Show the viewer toolbar for each new session automatically.  
Set the number of colors for a new session to as many as possible.  
Set the number of colors for a new session to 256.  
Set the number of colors  for a new session to 64.  

The remote client re-connects to your viewer automatically if disconnected due to a network problem. This option will work for both the executable version and Java initiated remote support sessions.

** If this option is enabled, you must end the session from the remote client side. Right click the 4RS client tray icon and choose Close.







Return to your main user page   


  Start Your Viewer or Live Chat From a Desktop Shortcut  


Login and start your viewer from a desktop shortcut or just login to your account using a shortcut without having to enter an account name or password.


** Important :

  1. Please remember that if you change your account password, you'll have to "refresh" the links

on your desktop or any other location they are stored and used from.  One of the codes used for auto login to protect then shortcut link is derived from your password. You HAVE to re-create them.

  2. If you create shortcuts with one type of browser like IE, the links may not work with another 

browser like Chrome, FF, Safari and vice versa. You HAVE to recreate them with the alternate browser.



Drag the following link to your desktop and use it to log into your account. Go directly to your user page without having to enter a user id and password (Automatic Login):

    4RemoteSupport - User Page


Drag the following link to your desktop and use to log into your account and automatically start the viewer. This eliminates the need to click on the start viewer button:

    4RemoteSupport - Auto Start Viewer

Drag the following link to your desktop and use to start a chat window. The shortcut doesn't require you to be logged into your account first. This shortcut will log you in automatically:

    4RemoteSupport - Live Chat Window











Remote Support Software


New Page 3 Try the solution for free and deliver online remote computer helpdesk support to end-users anywhere via the Internet, LAN or WAN. Our online remote support computer software evaluation account requires no obligation. Just fill in a short form requiring only an email address. Your sent a link to activate your remote computer support software account. Once your remote support software account is activated you can log in and change your online desktop remote support password and start your pc remote control viewer.
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