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  We're sorry, a problem was occurred that's preventing the program from starting.

  We've logged the incident and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused

  caused you.






A few things to check: 

1. Please be sure to click "Run" or "Grant" or "Allow" when the browser security window opens. Missing the security warning message is the most common error. If you know you've missed the warning or accidentally clicked a non permitting response to it, close all browser windows and re-login and try again.



2. Check that your browser has Java Plugin enabled and not just installed. We've already checked for you that Java is installed but our detection won't find a damaged or incorrectly installed or congured Java SE (JRE). Check your browser's options and settings for Plugins or through the OS Control Panel.



To check if Java is installed and enabled in IE


 Click on “Tools” on the IE Menu Bar and click Manage Add-ons. In the Manage Add-ons window make sure that Tool Bars and Extensions is highlighted on the left hand side of the Window and then look for the Oracle or Sun Microsystems section in the main area of the window. If it is listed there but shows to be disabled, click on the Java plug-ins and enable them.



Remote Support



In IE Advanced tab



Click on “Tools” on the IE Menu Bar and click Internet Options


                          Remote Support






3. Another possible cause is a damaged Java installation or a VERY old version.



Java 7 is the latest version for both x86 and x64 Windows

            Click here to download and install or reinstall Java.







If you need to use an older Java version for another application and can't update to the latest release, then please do the following:


Once you've installed the correct Java version, add our site to your trusted sites and turn OFF Protected Mode for Trusted Sites.


                                     The following is NOT required with Java 6 update 15 and later.





After installing Java close ALL open browser windows and then open a "fresh" one. Re-login and try again. In some cases a restart of your system may be required.





If you have questions or need assistance, contact support:







Remote Support Software             

Remote Support Software
Hosted Web Based Computer Remote Support There's no elaborate software configurations, no dedicated specialized servers required, or web site links to maintain for http or ftp download. You could change your own configuration from your PC remote support profile page. Other services charge to make changes  see a sample account profile page screen shot. Our hosted online desktop remote support software is very simple to setup and even simpler to use. It's affordable on demand web based remote control desktop screen sharing software for computer remote access and computer remote control for on demand & online remote support over the Internet.
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