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Remote Tech Support Software

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Your remote users can see your logo or other prefered image of your choice when connecting for remote support/a>.


Upload Logo for Branding

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Only JPEG images are permitted.


For best results, the image size should be 138 X 82 and no larger than 20KB. Use your favorite image editor to create or convert your image to the dimensions and size required.

Select your image:


20000){$msg=$msg."Your uploaded file size is more than 20KB so please reduce the file size and then upload.
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"); } // if (!($userfile_type =="image/pjpeg" OR $userfile_type=="image/gif")){$msg=$msg."Your uploaded file must be of JPG or GIF. Other file types are not allowed
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"); } // $add="4logos/$userfile_name"; // the path with the file name where the file will be stored, upload is the directory name. // made the line above into two seperate lines. one each for gif and jpg if ($userfile_type == "image/gif"){ $add="4logos/$name_to_use.gif"; } if (($userfile_type == "image/pjpeg") || ($userfile_type == "image/jpeg")){ $add="4logos/$name_to_use.jpg"; } if ($file_upload != "false"){ if(move_uploaded_file ($userfile, $add)){ // do your coding here to give a thanks message or any other thing. echo ("
Image $userfile_name uploaded successfully. "); $show_default_image = "no"; }else{echo "Failed to upload image. ";} } } } else { echo ("
You have either entered an invalid remote support id or you are not logged in. You must have a valid user id"); echo (" and be logged into our system to use this feature
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Image Preview:

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Your users, clients, and/or customers will see your logo or other image you select in the upper left corner of pages they load from our site when connecting to get remote support from you.


You'll also see the uploaded image on your main user page.


Below is an example of where the image will be placed and one of the pages your users will often see that will contain your image. 






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With a your remote support account, you can remotely access and remote control as many remote desktop computers to provide remote assistance and remote tech support for your end-users, clients or customers. There are no active-x pop-up windows, no browser pop-ups, no complicated installs, and no useless executable programs that require repurchasing if your network changes. Use your remote tech support software account from as many computers as you need to and access as many desktops as needed all for one affordable low price. 

On-demand remote support software