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Remote Desktop Control


  Software for Remote Desktop Support on the Web


Software for remote desktop support


The Internet has provided many advantages for the delivery of software and also for the support of software during installation and post installation. There is an increased demand for mobile apps, desktop apps, and apps for all other devices. The software is easily attainable. Most are found from URLs or network shares like in the past but now, as the devices have changed and a phone is no longer just a phone, it has become a smartphone, a mobile devices. Laptops were once the most common devices for mobility in access of applications and corporate file shares. Tablets, iPads, iPods, and other mobile devices have been on the rise and will continue to increase in deployment. UNC paths are still available, the traditional download links are available from web sites. They are available now too for mobile , laptop, tablet and other devices. They are accessed and used similarly to PC  Remote Control over the web  . Remote PC and remote desktop control over the web software applies to other devices too. It can be used for servers , thin client , mobile devices, and laptops to name juts a few.

The desktop however remains the most widely used computing hardware by corporations. The other devices assist in connectivity while moving from location to location or even within the office,. The tablet for example provide desktop features with the use of other software such as Citrix xendesktop or VMware's View software. These platforms give tablets more use than just web browsing or playing music or reading books. With xendesktop and VMware view, tablets and even smartphones access desktop , a full desktop, that has all applications the user requires for office productivity.

Online Desktop Support Software

This access still requires support, software for remote desktop support on the web is the tool of choice for desktop support or mobile device support. Software fore remote desktop support can be used on a virtual desktop through a Citrix xendesktop session or the physical device regardless if it is a tablet, laptop, or PC.


The main gold of the software is clear and apparent. It is to get remote desktop access and remote desktop control of the system to be able assist the user with an issue. It could be an installation issue or an update issue, just to name a few examples. Software fore remote desktop support uses software for remote control on the web to achieve this access and support.



Our system is better than the average support tools that are just made up of an executable program that sold as is with a static ip address coded in the program. Our system allows you to change the computer from which you are providing web based remote support from, as often as you need to. Today's supporting needs demand a more robust remote support solution than just a program with an IP address assigned to it permanently. Systems have to be more accommodating to their users so they may provide pc remote support to their end-users without interruption and without delay of having to wait, and pay for, another program to be prepared for you.









With the purchase of each remote support account you get:


           Unlimited Usage - there are no limitations.

           Unlimited Bandwidth. Never any charges or fees . . . ever.

           Connect and support an unlimited number of computers on-demand anytime.

           No charge for service feature enhancements. (Check for recent service news & updates here)

           No web site links to maintain and update - we do that for you but you can if you prefer.

           Support is included - forever - with no additional charge.

           Change the computer you support from at no cost.

           Send an unlimited number of email support links from your user page.Remote Support Software


                  Try it for free for 10 days. We don't even ask for a credit card to try.



Your remote support account allows you to connect to an unlimited number of remote computers on the web to provide remote assistance to users anywhere they may be. Even remotely support multiple computers at the same time.



Computer Remote Support Software             

Computer remote support software is more than software that installs or runs on a computer. It is a service for remotely accessing computers and desktops over the Internet.  Accessing computers, desktop, servers and other devices such as mobile devices and tablets over the web helps in support and installation of software applications. One of the most frequent requirements for mobile device access is email setup. Android and iPhones can have multiple email addresses setup on them.

Just as desktops and computers have Outlook or other email client installed and can be configured to access more than one mailbox or email system. Of exchange is the most widely used and popular used email systems in the world. The server too needs support. Computer remote support software can be used on servers as well as desktops. This is the reason why computer remote support software is more than just  software for computer desktop support, it is software for all device support.


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