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Remote Support


Remote Support Software

Remote support software contains remote desktop control software. Remote support software permits remote assistance from technical network and form the Web. Remote support software will have in most variations remote PC control software built into the application. The application can be delivered form the web as a web based application for remote control support. Remote support software can also be pre-installed on users computers in a workgroup or a network domain environment. PCAnywhere is a desktop application that can be pre-installed. Microsoft Netmeeting that was used in the past for ad-hoc remote control desktop screen sharing was part of the windows operating system or came with the operating system and could be added separately post install. Remote support software can be delivered through pre-installation mechanisms. The software could also be delivered through the web through the use of oneclick installers, web deployment installers  or by using java to deliver the remote support software application. Many remote support software applications don't need to be installed and are portable to the effect that they are executed by the user without needing to be installed .and then un-installed.

Remote support is one of the fastest growing technical support industries. With thousands of remote support software and remote control support accounts being purchased from various vendors everyday. Remote support provides a fast way to get remote access to computers on the web.  Remote support is more efficient than verbally communicating the steps required to setup software or trouble shoot a problem. Software for remote computer support is much more  efficient that commuting to various locations to provide Remote PC Control tech support.

Software for remote computer support

The need for remote support is escalating as desktops have become more and more complicated, The hardware advances virtually by the day and software developments is not far behind taking advantage of all the new features of the desktop and server operating system features.

Remote Desktop Support

Providing remote desktop support is not as complicated as it may seem. The objective of course is to get some sort of remote PC access and control software through the web on the remote computer quickly and accurately to enable keyboard screen and mouse movements to be transmitted to the tech's computer. To use two or more computers to provide web-based remote support from can be done too. It can be a little tricky because the account uses a single port at a time for the remote computers screen, keyboard, and mouse movements to come into your network.

There are times where you need to change your online remote desktop support software configuration so you can continue to provide remote pc support from the web. So if you set your port to 5500 on your user page, you router/firewall will have a rule to direct traffic for 5500 to a certain computer. To switch computers, direct the remote desktop screen traffic on that port to the new computer for the next session so the firewall rule has to be changed (or the private ip address on the new computer is changed to the original computer's - this can easily get messy and turn into a head ache).

remote support on the web

Remote support is the easiest way through remote support on the web to get to remote customer desktops and servers whether it's HP, Dell, IBM or other white box vendor hardware. The purpose is the same and that purpose is to get access to the remote computer or server quickly to make a problem in the application or the operating system go away.

This will work for you if I'm understanding the question:

If you have two or more computers that you would like to provide remote support from, then you can set a rule and port on your firewall for each. Computer 1 > port 5500 , computer 2 > port 5501, computer 3 > port 5502. Then depending which system you want to work from, enter the system's assigned port on your user page and update. The next remote session will use the new port number and go to the computer you want to work from.


PC Remote Control Software

Regarding wireless laptops:

If you are referring to broadband wireless for PC Remote Control Software, this internet access technology works great with our system and won't even require port forwarding. If you are referring to a LAN WAP (wireless access point) then there are some issues. There are some problems with some WAP and wireless NIC combinations. Although the laptop is connected to the wireless network, the viewer test doesn't always work and the remote sessions don't always connect (sometimes not at all). Your WAP/NIC combination may work fine however so it's a matter of trying it. We are trying to pinpoint the cause of this problem and correct the code.

     Remote Assistance Software

Remote support achieved through remote assistance software, has immediate ROI after almost the very first use and is easily determined. As help desks tech support groups, consultants and IT professionals know that the quickest and easiest way to solve multiple computer problems is to get to the problem as fast as possible. Our remote assistance software provides technicians and help desks with Remote access to computers on the LAN and over the web is even if unmanaged provides the means to access and control desktops quickly to resolve computer software problems faster through remote access sessions than physically getting to the location.

Support Software

With broadband so prevalent as costs for DSL, Cable, satellite and other mediums has decreased so much in recent years. Broadband proliferation has made remote support a viable option for remote control access.  

     Remote Tech Support Software

The remote users (your users) are never prompted or asked to sign-up to try our remote tech support software system or even buy it. The "Try Now" or "Purchase Now" buttons are on the site by default. They are actually a good reference point on the homepage to direct your customers to enter your viewer id for support. They use the field right below the buttons on the main page. The remote access session clients only have to enter your id in the field on our homepage below where it says "Login Below For Remote Support" (below the try or buy buttons). There is no password for them to enter.

Support Software

Our remote tech support software never prompts or requires your end-users or customers to configure anything on their side but various security programs will only ask them if they want to allow the program to run. For example XP firewall will prompt them by asking "do you want to allow this program to run". The answer to this question posed by xp firewall and others that may be displayed from programs like Symantec Security, Mcafee, and others generally just constitutes an acknowledgement click of Yes or OK to let the program connect to the Internet.

Software for Web Based Remote Desktop Control Support

You have to test your viewer using the Test Viewer button on your user page for the system to become fully active. This means you not only have to enter your IP address and port on your main user page but you have to configure a port forward rule on your router or firewall to allow and direct inbound traffic for remote access sessions on the port to your computer. The "Test Viewer" button allows you to test that router/firewall configuration without requiring outside assistance. Once you have used and successfully tested your viewer's accessibility using the "Test Viewer" button on your homepage then try with a remote client/user.

I'll suggest to have the tech login form in the upper right corner of our user page changed to say "tech login" and not use the word user to perhaps lesson the confusion of which login form to use. You can switch computers anytime. We don't use a traditional licensing scheme so your account can be used from multiple computers and networks. You can also remotely support more than one remote computer at a time from the same local system with the viewer running on it.

     PC Remote Support Software

PC Remote support software can enable a company that support computers and client to perform those functions without having to go to the client's office. They can save countless numbers of hours with remote PC remote support software. PC remote support software can help them be more effective in troubleshooting, and providing general and specific computer support and assistance to their client base. We've since changed the text next to the login form in the upper right corner of our homepage. It does state now that the login is for techs/engineers.  PC remote support software lends a helping hand to technical support and applications specialists. Even programmers can benefit from this way of providing remote support. Some of the features of pc remote support software for computer remote access and remote support is the ability to transfer files and folders from one computer to another.

 Desktop Support Software

Online Computer Remote Support Software

Security is always an issue with computer support through the web. Computer support through the web is the basic for desktop remote support software to operate and to remotely access and remotely control computer desktops though the internet. Security desktop support software can come in many flavors and in many levels. the first level for desktop support software protection being a login or a code needing to be entered to initiate a session. the code, often referred to a session id is the first step to security for desktop support software. Another common mechanism used for desktop support software is java. Java comes with it's own security measures built within it's structure but also can display messages too.


PC Remote Access and Remote Desktop Control

Preceding a session with PC Remote Access and Remote Desktop Control, warning messages displayed by security software running on the remote computers connecting over the web at the time our pc remote support software runs are for, as you know, outbound connections only. While our web-bases online pc remote support software is starting, mentioning this to the end customer will help them be less nervous. Our online desktop remote support software don't install services that are left running and don't change registry settings to open inbound ports to these computers so the only way their machines can be connected to remotely for our pc remote support software to run is by them initiating, and of course allowing, the program to connect.

PC Remote Access

Placing a link on your website for pc remote support software to be downloaded and run, as shown on your user pages, will alleviate the need for them to input the viewer id. Placing a copy of the executable (4Support.exe) on your website for them to download will eliminate the software certificate warnings (the certs will be corrected but the messages will still open). With the exe, it can be downloaded and run just like any other Internet download. They will be asked to run or save the file. They would choose run or open at which point they will be prompted to enter your viewer id number. Again, we don't run services or change security software settings so they will still get prompted/warned by Symantec, McAfee, or other security software.

Remote PC Access and Desktop Remote Control

As far as logging features and invoicing, there are pc remote support software products that do more than that. Against those products we could match and beat them on price. At this time, our system doesn't log or recording remote sessions for playback or monitoring by a parent company or administration. We do count remote sessions initiated and are looking to add basic logging of some remote computer information to start for our users to have and review but it's currently not implemented or part of the system.

Remote PC Access

I know some other products also generate invoices automatically, and that is a very nice feature, but if I'm not mistaken they also prompt for more information from the client and provide only a static executable for you (the tech side) to use. Currently there's no way to monitor an active session between a remote client and a tech, but I'm going to suggest adding that feature be considered. Remote PC access does not mean support is limited to just the remote computer the technical support group person is connected to. One the remote computer is access and remote PC access has been achieved through the web, any device on the network can be accessed and supported with remote PC access. Other hardware like cisco or sonicwall firewalls, switches or even vmware virtual infrastructure can be accessed remotely through the web.

remote support

software for pc remote support

Online PC Remote Support through the Web

there are many pc remote control software packages and hosted solution for remote computer control and remote support. Software for pc remote support that give computer support technicians the ability to remote control computers on the web web to provide fast efficient remote support have a distinctive characteristic over pc remote control software that work on the LAN (Local Area Network). the application for pc remote control support that wok on the LAN such as Symantec's pcanywhere are great for an enterprise environment. Because of security restrictions that are placed on online and web based remote access session connections and inbound links from the web. data streams that need to flow into a network form the the internet cause pc remote control programs such as Symantec's pcanywhere and carbon copy to not be able to connect unless the remote client's network has created a host (virtual host) rule on their firewall or router for computer remote control software to pass through hand get to the desktop that needs to be c0ntrolled. there are many uses for pc remote control software for remote support on the web to be able to assist customers over the internet. One of the reasons why remote support software that works as a service from a service provider or in more basics forms works with an executable link to the pc remote control software from a web site is that the software will often download to the remote desktop online to provide pc remote control support to the remote desktop client that located somewhere else other the enterprise or corporate network.

Software for remote desktop support

Online Desktop Remote Support Software

These types of computer remote control programs don't require a configuration on the remote router and often allow remote control of computers through the internet as a web-based remote desktop control solution for remote support. Software for pc remote support are capable of allowing remote desktop control of computers and servers not only for support ting the computers on which they are running but give technical support staff and helpdesks the ability to remotely access other networking or desktop applications that the computer on which they are running, the computer that is being remote controlled, to access to. Remote desktop access is the road which allow support departments to provide support to other equipment that's connected to the corporate LAN wan or enterprise network that are not readily access able from the web.

Getting remote desktop control online is the first step often for support groups to get to the other networking or computing devices on the LAN or enterprise network that actually needs to be remotely access and for remote support. Support software that allows technicians to support networking and computer devices through the web or on the web give even the smallest of companies a global reach to provide support to customers they would otherwise be unable to support and would evidentially lose to a larger competitor who could have support technicians onsite. Computer support software for pc remote control, desktop remote control, computer remote control online over the web is one of the greatest advantages that helpdesks and support groups and resellers, and system integrators can have as they peruse clients and customers that would otherwise be unattainable because of geographic complications that limit their supporting efforts extensions and tech supports effectiveness.

PC Remote control

PC remote control programs such as carbon copy or Symantec PCAnywhere are great programs to support users and remote clients that are in a closed network environment but for getting to remote computers and remote desktops and remote servers on the web, another type of service or program is required. That program is remote support software. Remote support software allows for remote assistance through the internet and via web-based pc remote control, the technician can remote access desktops through the internet and on the web to gain remote pc control for pc remote control support. Support software has helped so many organizations increase their customer base because their customer base or clients no longer have to be within economically feasible distances from their office location. Support is not limited to desktops, laptops or other end-user computer hardware but remote support using PC remote control can be useful and very advantageous for server support and other hardware. Other hardware such as printers, routers or switches can be accessed remotely with remote support software. PC remote control is a way to get into a remote location but doe not have to end there. Once on a remote computer PC or laptop, the technician or support organization can access other hardware located and connected to the network.

PC remote control

Remote Access of Computer and Mobile Devices Through the Web

 PC remote control and desktop remote control online through the web has given opportunities to smaller resellers and system integrator and consultants the  remote pc control on the web and through desktop remote control online to provide web based remote assistance to computers and desktop through out the world. HIPPA regulations have increased he demand for electronic medical record software applications to be installed and setup at medical practices that have for many years operated with limited or under achieved computer resources. Their infrastructure was very limited and often antiquated as they were created for the most minimal of tasks such as some basic accounting software.

Software for Remote Desktop Control Support

Online PC Remote Support Software

Online PC Remote Support Software

Remote support software that has built-in remote computer control software has helped in many roll-outs for remote support of these and other practices such as attorney practices that have also seen the advantages of using technology to further increase and create opportunities within their areas of expertise. Remote PC control software has helped by allowing server hosts and other networking devices to be accessible through the internet so support helpdesks can assist (remote assistance) the computer users with training and feature demos for the software applications that are relatively new to the practices. Remote support software can assist in solving not only computer issues via remote desktop control through the web like software configurations or operating system configurations but it can also help with hardware problems.

SSD (solid state drives) have become much increased in popularity mostly because of the recent price drops and as such are found more and more in desktop and laptop computers. Remote support software can assist in solving drive issues, not catastrophic issues of course, that are causing a problem within a given computer system, There are two types of solid state drives, MLC and SLC. MLC being more for desktops and laptops. They have become cheaper than SLC drives and one of the reasons for this is they ear faster and fail sooner. Remote support software can give technical support organizations and departments access to computers remotely to determine hard drive status before there is a complete failure. Download PDF for more Information



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Remote Desktop Connection through the Web

  4RemoteSupport provides a web based remote access for remote control solution consisting of software for remotely controlling desktops, laptops, servers online through web. Internet based pc remote access for web based pc remote support . Remotely access computer via an Internet connection. 4RemoteSupport's web based service works with any type of internet access, low band-width DSL or dial-up or broadband  Internet access is acceptable for remote support connections.  The remote user only needs a web browser to initiate a desktop connection  Remote support of remote computer systems for diagnosing and configuration updates or for training users on installed applications. Web based software for remote desktop control and support can provide additional features such as computer management, not just remote control access.  Once the remote computer is accessed over the network, an inventory can be taken of both hardware and software.  Software issues, driver issues, and updates can be performed remotely over a network, local network or through the web. 4RemoteSupport has a reconnect feature that reconnects the remote computer to the tech-support viewer through the Internet in the event there is a disruption in the network connection.  
4RemoteSupport | Web Based Desktop Remote Support with Remote Access and Control on the Web

Web based Software for Online Desktop Remote Access Support on the Web

Software for remote support on the web is available to all users online. On the tech side of the connection, the tech-support person clicks on a link in the browser that initiates a download of a viewer .The viewer download in not installed on the computer where it would have to be uninstalled later. It merely executes on the system as a running process. It runs minimized on the task bar. The browser then is available for other options to be used. From the browser a chat window can be loaded or if the tech-support person needs to, they can send an email to the person for whom they are trying to provide remote support to. The remote control with remote desktop support viewer programs is started and remain minimized and listening for connections. When a connection occurs, the viewer opens up to a window that contains the remote computers or remote desktops screen .The tech-support person has remote control. Mouse movements and keyboard strokes are immediately delivered to the remote client host through online software for desktop remote support, and the user at the remote end is able to also see what is occurring on their desktop. Our software for remote desktop support through the web is online desktop support software that permits the locking of the remote keyboard and mouse so the tech-support person can only operate the controls. When desired this option is available from the toolbar menu or by right-clicking on the tile-bar window of the viewer and select to lock remote keyboard and mouse. They can return control to the remote user by again selecting the option from the menu or toolbar.   

Software for Remote Desktop Support

One of the greatest needs today for technical support departments and companies that provide computer support services is software for remote desktop support online. Software for remote desktop support online is software that has remote access and remote control features. Some also include other features such as inventory and management of the computers and devices. The online desktop remote control software is delivered through the web from a browser window. Major browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox, are supported and test. Not only do we have a web based solution for remote access control using a browser to initiate the session but 4RemoteSupport also provides a simple executable that enhances the delivery from the web. Web based access of this executable is not required. It can be placed on the user's remote desktop for remote desktop connections The remote control software executable can be on a UNC share on a file server. It is at the administrator and technical support staff's discretion to decide where to put the remote desktop control software executable. When downloaded and executed however, it will need Internet access as it need to reach the our service to obtain connection information .It gets the information to know how to create the remote desktop connection online/ So simply put, remote access control software can be downloaded through the browser through the web to enable remote control software access. or, it can be maintained on a local file system or UNC file share. The Internet browser on both sides of the connection creates online access to enable a remote desktop connection over the web.

Web based Remote Computer Assistance and Help

Like online chat software remote assistance software for providing remote computer assistance connects users and support agents through the web. When users need computer desktop assistance, they can connect through a web site or URL. The users are provided the URL and web site to connect to with their browser of choice.  They open a web browser and load up the page they have been provided .Often the users are often provided a remote support code. The remote support code enables them to connect for web based computer assistance. The support code with some service providers varies and is per connection. Other providers use a code to initiate remote support per customer through the web. Still other providers of remote support use the same code per tech or support agent. The association of remote support code for remote assistance and the connection varies but the ultimate goal of the process is consistent among remote assistance providers. The goal is to get remote control access or the client's computer desktop and provide assistance through the web.

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The remote support access for the client most commonly starts with a web browser and web site. the web site contains the code into download and initialize a remote access and remote control desktop session with the remote user. There are web based remote support providers that provide remote support applications that install on the remote client desktop PC. These installable programs are often part of a lager computer and server management and monitoring system.

Software for Remote Desktop Assistance

Other cases where there's an installed application for web based remote control assistance and support is the case when the agent provides a means to re-connect to the remote client computer for further assistance. In these cases, the remote desktop can be connected to with a remote user also being present to initiate the connection. This type of software adds un-attended remote support. The client does have to be online and connected to the web. The agent "checks-in" to a web site, usually and backend web-site, to up date a back-end database that the computer or server is online and available for connectivity over the web.

Remote Support Software