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Remote Desktop Control offers an online remote support software solution that gives you the tools to provide support via on-demand remote desktop control on the web. Our system is dynamic in that your not sold an executable with your IP address packaged into it that's unchangeable without being charged a fee. We have an executable program that's downloadable for remote support but it's as dynamic as our automatic download. You don't have to create your own remote support executable from any web sites or have to install a programming IDE interface to create and package your remote support tool for the web. We have both option of web based support that does not require an executable modifications or links created by you for downloading. We also have an executable if your prefer that can dynamically get connection information from out database. You support account can be branded. You can use your own icons by making your own with programs like Axialis. Axialis icon creation software can be used to make custom icons for your application for remote support on the web. They also offer free icon packages that are standards based and great looking for remote computer control access on the web.  In either case, remote computer support and remote desktop control for remote support through the web can be made available to remote clients on the web with custom icon or default icons.

Desktop Remote Control

Our online remote support solution allows you to change your configuration for desktop remote control at any time that it's required so you could continue to provide desktop remote control support to your end-users over the web un-interrupted and without additional expense. Our on-demand remote desktop control over the internet is affordable and easy to use. Just try it. We have a 10 day free evaluation program available. There are many ways to technical support, Support software for remote desktop support over the web using remote computer control software is undoubtedly one of the most efficient methods for providing remote support. Support software, like online remote desktop support software, can let support groups access and remote control computers remotely to troubleshoot and correct errors in applications, operating system configurations including windows 7 and server 2008 and windows server 2008 R2. Remote support software will also permit access of computers to analyze and check on hard drive problems. Hard-drive problems have taken on a new dimension and remote support has to deal with SSD drives. Solid state drives can be difficult for remote support and support software to best be useful as MLS and SLC drives are more prevalent in desktops and are one of the most common upgrades after RAM memory upgrades to get a big performance increase. The reason why they are more difficult to work with is because SSD (solid state drives) differ in how they fail over spindle based drives. Desktop remote control based support software can aid in getting access to the remote client computer to assist in diagnosing hard drive problems but a requirement will have to be the drive still works. 

Online PC Remote Support Software

Your end-users' remote control software, that downloads from the web automatically or is run from 4Support.exe after manual online download, connects to YOUR Viewer. The Viewer has to be running and the pc computer it's running on must be online in order to provide desktop support over the web. They login with your viewer id on our homepage and no remote access for support password. When they run the 4Support.exe for remote support, they enter your viewer id when prompted and no remote access and control for support password. There's no remote desktop connection logout required. You'll have remote control of the pc for remote support online.

PC Remote Support