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Remote computer access over the web

    Remote computer access over the web is such a help when trying to support computer users who are located in different areas of the country and world. the best way to support those users is to use remote computer access over the web. It's not just computers that need support over the web, but remote access of iPads, iPhones, and other smartphones can be achieved over the web. Hosted remote support offers the benefits of not having to purchase your own hardware and the software is maintained off-site so you can have the peace of mind that the system will be working without having to monitor another server of your own. Hosted means a little peace of mind wit the server and software application for remote support hosted, you just have to worry about using it, not maintaining the applications.
Remote Support Software

Remote Desktop Support Software


Remote Desktop Support


Remote Support Software

Give your tech support staff an advantage over your competitions by giving them a tool that will allow them to diagnose and troubleshoot desktop problems remotely over the internet. Support end-users and customer's computers anywhere over the web. One account will permit any member of your support group or department to connect and access remotely an unlimited number of desktops anywhere through the web to provide on-demand remote control support. Remote support solutions can be a costly investment and there are many services and providers of software to compare and choose from.

Remote Support

Web-Based Remote Support                   

Our service gives you the tool to provide web-based support to your end-users using the internet as the transport medium of screen, keyboard and mouse movements and data. Your user can receive remote tech support from you virtually anywhere in the world that they may be located. What this means is that you can increase your companies productivity of its employees with a minimal investment.

remote pc control over the web

Desktop remote control provides the access and control needed for a technicaian to provide remote support of virtually any remote pc or other device such as smartphones, iPad, and iPhones online with a connection to the internet that could be a WiFi connection or any other type like 3G or 4G type.  over the internet support is made easier and more afofrdable affordable.  Our flexible system allows for supporting end-users on the internet, LAN, or wan with just one remote support account. The web has provided the medium to facilitate faster support of desktops. Downtime from users having malfunctioning software or software that is not configured properly is lessened by using remote pc support software over the web.

Remote Support

Our system is dynamic and allows you to provide remote assistance to your end-users from more than one location. May providers of software or services package a static executable program and sell it to you. We provide a robust platform that can be changed through a profile page to meet your current on-demand remote support needs. Our online desktop remote support software solution cost much less than many other well known service providers that tech support people commonly use.




It's value is well worth the cost and after several uses and successful desktop remote support session you'll see why. We require no hardware to be purchased, you don't need to own or have access to a web site as our service provides all the links and software you need. The service is a hosted one like an asp but you have option to provide from your own web site the links or software to run for remote pc support.

Remote PC Support

Provide remote assistance over the web to computer end-users and customer anywhere online. Our service is a hosted support solution which means you need to buy no hardware or software to provide remote technical assistance on the internet. Have you support staff and IT department be more efficient resolving problem by providing them with pc remote support software that gives them the reach to diagnose and solve problems wherever they may be.

On-demand Remote Support

Remotely access and Remote control desktops quicker and easier without spending valuable time over the phone or driving to the customer site. Within minutes of receiving and email or a call into your support center or help-desk group, your tech support staff can have remote control of a computer for providing on-demand remote support.

Remote Assistance Software

The remote user initiates the connection while logged and from their own computer to your desktop viewer. Once connected you'll have remote control access to the remote system to support remotely. By simply providing on-demand remote support to fix problems fast without having to drive to or trying to provide remote tech support over the phone.

We found that one of the biggest industry segments that use remote support software such as our s and other providers is the health care industry. HIPPA compliance has increased the need for software upgrades as many medical offices and practices around the country. HIPPA has generated the need for revamping and upgrades of server hardware and software for many practices that were holding off from performing such upgrades and were getting by with their existing systems without changes.