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4RemoteSupport Web based Computer Remote Control

I've checked out several software packages and services that provide in one form or another software for remotely supporting computers online. There are so many to choose from. The list long and so are the types. Remote support software can have several of many options. A subset of options and features that are most important are remote computer control and remote desktop support access through the Internet. This is one of the most critical to have as not all support is done on the local network. Commonly, remote support is needed across the Internet to users who are geographically miles or kilometers away. They can be remote office workers, workers on their laptops or tablets , or work at home employees. One the most common need for remote access was for marketing or sales people who were on the road visiting customers on-site. The most often had the a difficult time connecting or accessing their applications and documents from the remote distance. The common cause for this problem was internet access reliability. Remote Support software by 4RemoteSupport has a reconnection feature which causes the remote client application software for remote control and support to re-connect to tech-support in the event of a network disruption.

There are some real technologically advanced systems available.  Many of which have well branded, known names within the information technology community. These programs are backed by mega corporations that have the research and development money, and plain old budget to keep and maintain a very good staff of programmers and developers. Their products are very technologically advanced with lots of features.

Remote Desktop Support Solution for Web Based Desktop Support

There are other sellers (online retailers) that have less technology into their remote support software products but do perform the basic task of allowing their users to gain access and remote control of a remote computer over the internet. Almost any remote support solution  is invaluable to many small  IT companies and software developers that need to support their products over large geographically dispersed areas.

Remote Assistance Software

These packages tend to cost less and have some requirements that the lager remote assistance software providers don't have. One of which id that they require their users to create an access rule on their routers to allow the remote data stream to pass through from the internet to the supporting computer on the LAN. They provide a program that has within it remote control software that's extracted to the remote system and is pre-programmed to connect to the support person's network.

Online Remote Support Software

They aren't truly online remote support software solutions except for the fact that the program is downloaded by end-users from websites that are available online on the internet. Some of them are good and as mentioned earlier, provide an invaluable service to many support groups, consultants and IT helpdesks. They are also much cheaper than their hi-tech counterparts and offer a nice set of features.  There is a drawback to these hardcode programs that I find compelling to mention. The largest drawback is that if the supporting network changes then the program is rendered useless. The person who has purchased the program has to buy another copy. The new copy will reflect the update in the network addressing.

Software for Computer Remote Control Online

This can get costly for the support person if they make several changes in their internet service provider either by choice or by force. Another drawback that these remote support tools inherently have is that the support person could use it from only the network for which it was created to run from. If they had the program built to provide remote support from their office network, then they can't automatically switch to using it at home. The tech support person would have to connect to the network it was designed for first.

Find software with the features I needed

As the software on the average desktop gets more and more complicated, the more the desktop requires support.