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September 22, 2021

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Remote Desktop Support

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Remote Support Software

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PC RemoteSupport


We've made it simple, easy and fast to provide on-demand remote desktop control of computer systems online over the web for remote support. With on demand PC remote control you could remotely support end-users, whether they're customers, fellow employees or friends and family quickly saving time & money.


Get remote control of virtually any PC quickly over the LAN, WAN, and the Internet without having to worry about getting through firewalls or routers.  Your end user connects to you through the web. Best of all, there's no elaborate installation programs, hardware to buy, or web site URLs to maintain.






Get remote control of a remote computer system's desktop on the web with just a few simple steps.



You login and start your pc remote support Viewer if it's not already running on your computer from a previous online remote control support session.


When started, the viewer runs minimized with a tray icon. It's ready for a remote computer to connect for you to remote control. There's nothing more you need to do. When a remote computer connects, it opens automatically to a full window.  Remote pc control
  Ready for

remote pc control on the web


Have a URL link available anywhere on the web for your end-users to download the 4Support.exe file. The link could be on a personal or company web site - it really doesn't matter. You could then send an email containing the link or tell your your end-users or customers the web-site URL to navigate to with their browser to download and run 4Support.exe.

Another option is to add a form your web site to start a session - we provide you the html code to just copy and paste into one of your web site's pages for your user to initiate a remote support session.


If you don't have edit access to html pages on a web server, don't know how to edit, don't want to be bothered creating scripts or html code, or just prefer not to create and maintain download links, we provide the web-site and links for you at no additional cost:


Direct the end-user whom you'd like to support via remote control to open a browser and go to our homepage to login. Your end-user logs in on our homepage using your viewer id as the login id. Once logged in, they can click the remote support connect button (it's a large button with large font located in the middle of the page for them to easily see). Clicking the button will initiate an automatic download and running of the remote control software.


Or, for manual downloading, instead of using the connect button, they click on an appropriately labeled URL link below the button to manually download the 4Support.exe program on the web. When the URL is clicked, they chose RUN or OPEN. Remote control PC support software downloads to their computer on-demand and connects to your Viewer over the web right through their NAT router and/or firewall.


Common options are:

  • Don't create URL links on your web site or email from your desktop email client (like outlook) - we provide it all for you as described above. No added fees.     

  • Or, create URL link on your web-site to our " Login 4 Support " page for a remote support session.

  • Or, create a URL link on your web-site for downloading 4Support.exe from our server or yours.

  • Or, email a link to our " Login 4 Support " page to initiate a remote support session.

  • Email the 4Support.exe remote control support program using your email application.

  • Email a link to the 4Support.exe remote control support program that's located on our server or yours.

  • Add a form to initiate a remote support session on your own web site.



No third step - it's too simple!  ::  See end-user screen shots



Once logged in, they just click the remote support connect button or the manual download link on the same page to start an on-demand computer remote control session through the Internet.  When either option is chosen, remote control PC software downloads to their computer on-demand and connects to your viewer right on the web. No configuration is required on the remote end-user side equipment or remote desktop computer what so ever.




PC Remote Support Software


There's no configuring required of software or hardware by the end-user at all - there's really nothing for them to think about. The client side remote control software downloads on-demand with the configuration you preset in your remote pc support account profile page for both the automatic download version or the 4Support.exe that's used for online remote pc control. Gain remote access of a computer in seconds to provide remote desktop support software on demand anywhere on the web.


Our service is dynamic. If your network configuration changes, such as your assigned public IP address, you just make a simple change through your account profile page to accommodate.


The 4Support.exe file your end-users and customers use for remote support dynamically adjusts to your configuration changes with NO ADDITIONAL COST and NO WAITING.  Change your settings as often as you like - use the same account to provide remote support to your customers or end-users when you change office locations or even from work and home. This is like having multiple pre-programmed remote control executable files for the cost of just one.







Use the link below or click on the thumb image to the right and see a screen shot of a sample profile page.


Remote Desktop Support

See how easy the setup is and modifications are if your network or remote support requirements change.

remote support software for pc remote control member page sample

View a remote support member's profile page.


(A new browser window will open when above link is clicked)

To see end-user screen shots click here



On-demand Remote Desktop Control Software

Provide On demand remote desktop control for remote support access to multiple remote computer systems at the same time free. You could remotely access, for remote desktop control support, several computer desktop systems at the same time. Just have another support session initiated by an end-user or customer. Your remote support Viewer is already to go even with another active session in progress.



Within seconds after receiving a call for help, you could have your end-user's desktop displayed on yours  and full remote control of their PC on the web.  Now you could solve the problem quickly without the hassle of trying to talk the remote computer user through the steps over the phone or the need to travel to the location they're in.


On-Demand PC Remote Control


Computer support professionals and network administrators can use our remote computer access service for single or multiple sites within their company. As a support tool, it will enable them to gain access and control of remote desktops on the web to provide quicker tech support over the internet to employees who work from home or anywhere in the world. Countless hours can be saved by remotely accessing computers for support on the internet and thus will avoid long troubleshooting and diagnosing telephone conversations with average users. More tangible are the savings in travel costs and time required to be onsite. Our system permits organizations of all sizes to affordably provide to their support staff an online PC remote control on-demand solution. The service enabled computer remote control on the internet from the web on demand through firewalls and routers. It's an affordable tool that support groups can't do without.


Try our remote desktop support service for free and see how fast, easy, and affordable it is to remote control desktops over the web - Learn More... 




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online remote desktop support Online pc remote support software is free for 10 days. There's no obligation try our remote support solution. We provide you during the demo period online desktop remote support software that's on demand web based computer access, simple for end-users, and gives you remote pc access. The choices of pc remote support solution are many and more new remote support products for  web based remote support software are being developed. We've enabled a low maintenance, low cost web based desktop remote support software solution.
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