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remote desktop control

Online Remote Support Software

Product Information  


  remote desktop control through the web Great desktop remote support tool for computer support professionals.

  Desktop remote control on the web Single or multiple interconnected networks within organizations.

  remote computer control software Provide online remote support to users who connect to the office from home. 

  remote PC control software The software works over the internet through firewalls and routers.

  Computer remote control software Try it Free . . . 



Supported Operating Systems:  

Microsoft Windows 9x,Me,2000 Pro & Server, XP Pro & Home, Windows Server 2003


Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater and Java Virtual Machine (Sun or Microsoft) installed and enabled - that's it!

If you don't have a Java VM installed, on first use you'll be redirected to a page you could install either version from.

Once your account is setup, just setup a simple port forward on your router to your desktop.  You don't have to do anything on your customer or end-users router or firewall - only your own.  If you have multiple support professionals within your office and you've purchased several accounts, then just use a different port number for each support person.  You could have two, three, or dozens and each of you could be providing remote support to multiple end-users at the same time ...simple.

It's easy to see and set which ports each account uses - click to see a sample account profile page screen shot. Clicking to see the screen shot will open a new browser window so check your pop-up blockers.  

PC remote Support Software

The user whom your trying to provide remote support to just enters your viewer id in the Login Field that's located right on our homepage and then clicks connect. We use a customized version of VNC that gets downloaded to the target computer and connects to your viewer.  Instantly you see the remote desktop and have full control over it!               

VNC for many years has been and still is a reliable pc remote control software utility. We're techs too and use this service ourselves. We are very satisfied that the value you get is tremendous compared to the cost.  Especially when you compare our cost to ANY other remote support solution. You could test it out yourself totally free for 10 days - no credit card needed.

Remote Support Software

Remote Support Software


Remote PC Support

Additional Benefits:

Each account can connect to an unlimited number of computers - there are no restrictions what so ever.

There's no bandwidth usage fees such as those some boutique remote support solutions charge on top of the hundreds a month charged to have an account.  We have just one LOW flat rate. Period. 

You could change your own configuration very very simply from one form on your profile page. Other services charge to make changes.

Sample account profile page screen shot. Clicking to see the screen shot will open a new browser window so check your pop-up blockers.

There's no elaborate software configurations or dedicated servers required.  Our pc remote support service is very simple to setup and even simpler to use.    

Try it free - No credit card or commitment required!




  remote PC control on the web Support end users quickly to save time and money.

  Remote Computer Control On the Web Get remote control of PC's quickly over the LAN, WAN, and the Internet.

  desktop remote control through the web No elaborate installation programs or software configurations required.


                                                                           web based Remote Support Software l  Online Remote Support Software

4RemoteSupport | Software for Computer Support on the Web. Online Remote Support Software for Web Remote Desktop Control Compared to the more well known brands of  remote support software products, it costs just a fraction of their systems and could be used in addition to a more expensive flavor to economically add remote tech support software seats. If your current online remote desktop support solution costs thousands of dollars per seat and adding licenses will cost an amount that's way out of your budget then try for our web-based desktop remote support. Technical computer support professionals, consultants, and companies can provide remote support on the web from the cloud without placing a strain on their budget.
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