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Remote Support Software

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Please fill in all the fields in the short form below. The first and last name you enter will be seen  by your end-users and customers when they login to receive remote support assistance from you. For evaluation account holders looking to purchase and convert to a non-evaluation account, enter your existing account's information and click submit to proceed.

Your customers or end-users will see the name entered in the form below when they receive support from you. You may use your real name, company name, or something like Tech Support for the first and last name. Email addresses are never shared or sold  to any other entity (and never will be). We don't like spam either!

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    *NOTE: If this is a new account, you'll receive an email containing your remote support software online login id and password. Click on the link in the email to verify and activate your new remote control support account. Email addresses are not, and will never, be given or sold  to any other entity.