Sorry, the IP address set in your configuration is not valid. A network device or host cannot have all zeros assigned as its IP address. A remote computer will be unable to connect to your desktop viewer for support.  
  If you need help setting up your support account or testing it, email our support group at We will be very happy to assist you.  

To remote control a computer over the Internet:


Enter your network router or firewall's outside public address on your user profile page.  The outside public address is shown in the upper right hand corner of your user page.  Then, on your router or firewall, forward the port you set on your user page to the computer your doing support from. Most likely it's the computer you are using right now since you tried to start the remote desktop viewer on it. If this computer is running any flavor of XP or 2K, open a command prompt window and run ipconfig to display your current private IP address. The private ip address displayed in the command prompt is the address you configure your router or firewall to forward the TCP port to. 


The default port in your profile will work fine. The forwarding is from the outside public internet address to the inside private LAN address of this computer. Use the Tester button on your user profile page to test your configuration. To learn more about port forwarding click here.

If you need help please email us: . We could assist you in getting your account setup.

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