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- Network NAT Basics


Desktop Remote Control for Support on the Web

Desktop remote control from the web is assisted by a a common networking technology called NAT (also referred to as PAT - Port Address Translation). NAT is an acronym for Network Address Translation. Whatis NAT? It is a commonly used IP translation and mapping technology.  It's a technology that allows your network to share internet access. Using a device or piece of software that implements NAT allows an entire network to share a single internet connection over a single IP address. A single cable modem, DSL modem, T1, broadband or any other type of service could connect all the computers to the internet simultaneously.

Most all firewalls/routers have NAT capabilities built-in that allows you to create maps between the internet and your computer network - this is called port forwarding

                 NAT Port Forward Public IP to Private IP address

For our web based PC remote support software, you configure the firewall/router to port forward the TCP port number shown on your main user page to the tech support computer. On your main user page, enter and use the TCP port number you prefer or use the default TCP port number already assigned when your account was created. 

NAT is built into all the most common Internet Connection Sharing technologies around. Microsoft has built their ICS around it and every Cable/DSL Broadband Router on the market accomplishes its job with NAT.

How does it work?

NAT acts as an interpreter between two networks. It sits between the internet and your network as illustrated in the diagram above. The internet is considered the ‘public’ Internet side and your network is considered the ‘private’ LAN side. When a computer in the private side request data from the public side (the internet), the NAT device will open a little conduit between your computer and the destination computer. When the public computer returns results from the request, it is passed back through the NAT device to the requesting computer. With our remote computer support software the remote computer connects to your Viewer from the Internet public side the private LAN side. 

The port number used for pc remote control support on the web could be of your choosing and does not exclude port 443.


 Port 443 is a common port number used as well since if a network has other all other ports closed, 443 is normally left open since it's used widely for https Internet traffic. This document illustrates the setup required to provide to your end-users and customers on-demand remote computer support on the web.


If you have any questions please send an email to We will gladly assist you.


PC Remote Control :


On-demand pc remote control on the web

is facilitated via automatic download of pc remote control support software . If the automatic download fails, there's a link to manually download the on-demand remote control software from the web. When run, it automatically connects to the remote support viewer. You'll see their desktop on your screen and have full remote control over it. You could even email a pc remote support link to your end-user. Once the email is received they just click on the in in the message body. A browser window will open to the connect page on your site. They don't have to enter your viewer id to login.



New Page 8 No password entry is required for end-user remote support - just your viewer id is necessary for the end-user whom your trying to support remotely to login. Login and start your pc remote support viewer if it's not already running on your remote support computer system from a previous remote support session.  Then, direct the end-user whom you'd like to support via remote control to open a browser and go to our homepage. Or, just email a remote support link. There's no configuring of software by the end-user at all for remote support - there's really nothing for them to think about.
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