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Live Chat Support


The chat script is a very basic chat script that you can use from your site to better communicate and support your end-users or clients. It is NOT intended for heavy use or for sites with a high demand for live chat support requests. That's not what it was designed to do or provide. It was added to our features as requested by many of our customers. There are many sites that provide live chat services that can provide multiple agent, emoticons, text logging, and other features.


We've added to our service a basic live chat interface to enable our customers to add live chat easily to their site and without the expensive cost.  To provide live chat support from your web site, the code is provided below for copy and pasting into one of your html files. (See Below)





Copy and Paste the following code into an html page on your site. 




The following code will provide a link with the Live Chat image too as shown below.


When your clients or end-users click on the link a window will open with a chat interface from which they can communicate with you. You need to have your Live Chat window open as well but if you don't, up to 6 messages entered by remote users will be displayed in your chat window when it is opened. 

               Remote Support - Live Message Chat Link


The html code below will provide you with a link and image like the one shown above. You can modify the colors, fonts, and even apply style sheets to match your sites look and feel.  


You can place the following code into a page on your web site. The code below is sample code. You need a valid valid remote support account for the code to be fully functional.  




Your users can just click on a link on your site to open a live chat window.

Customize the color or wording of the text link or change the image used to suite your needs. 







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With your remote support account, you can remotely support an unlimited number of desktops through the web with remote desktop access and remote control. Now with live chat included in our support software feature list, improve and increase your support offering to your clients as well.

On-demand remote support software


Remote Support Support computers with desktop remote control software without having the remote desktop's screen trapped inside browser window. With our viewer you can support computers remotely on the web and even several remote desktops at the same time. Each remote desktop is displayed in a separate viewer window with full remote control of the remote PC over the web. Hosted remote support software with a separate viewer helps tech-support solve computer problems remotely over the web without the delay of working over the phone or needing travel. Computer support organizations and systems integrators can use our remote computer access software service in addition to other managed services applications for single or multiple sites
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