Web Based Computer Remote Control Software


Online Remote Support Software for Computer Remote Control over the Web

Web based computer remote control software is intended for screen-sharing computer desktop support through the web.  Web based computer remote control software enables computer remote control on the web enables tech-support to have access to computer desktops and servers on the web. Information technology tech-support departments are able to address issues and provide support remotely through the web. Repairs of common desktop issues associated with the operating system can be solved with access to the computer remotely through the web. Typical application issues and configurations can be accomplished with remote desktop control online. Even peripheral devices such as printers, label makers, barcode scanning hardware can be configured and worked on through the web for common issues such as driver problems. These are just a few examples of issues that can be resolved with remote assistance software that's provided Web based support software with remote Desktop control online helps tech-support provide timely computer desktop and server assistance to local or remote administrators via remote control access and remote control desktop control.  Remote support software for desktop remote control by 4RemoteSupport is ideal for companies that need to access remote computers. The end-user just enters a code for support. The code, unlike other remote support services is pre-determined so there is not waiting for a code to be generated. The end-user can also have the code available already from a previous support session.

Connecting through the web

Connecting through the web site is the easiest way to connect. This method to initiate remote desktop control connection is commonly used by apps and services that provide remote support services. Once the initial connection is made , there is no additional request required by the technician to get remote control of the remote desktop computer through the web. 4RemoteSupport provides full screen sharing and remote computer control the moment the connection is made. The technician has the option to disable the remote keyboard and mouse to prevent the user from accidentally interfering with the remote support session. Remote support software by 4RemoteSupport include remote PC control and file transfer. The computer is fully accessible to tech-support with computer remote control software that was initiated for connection to the tech-support viewer. Remote support software includes the following:

  • online desktop remote control software
  • online computer remote control software
  • online PC remote control software
  • online desktop remote support
  • online computer remote support
  • online PC remote support

4RemoteSupport's web based desktop remote support software permits remote access and control of desktops across the web for support. The end-user initiates access and PC remote control software downloads and runs on the remote client computer. The software is a small executable client that permits screen sharing and full remote control with two file sharing and screen sharing. Both the technician side and the end-user remote side of the remote desktop connection have control of the keyboard and mouse and bot of course can view the activity on the screen . Unlike Microsoft remote desktop protocol which allows connections through the web just as 4RemoteSUpport does but the end-user who is present at the computer cannot see what is occurring on their screen. Remote support software by 4RemoteSupport contains:

  • PC remote control software.
  • desktop remote control software.
  • computer remote control software for PC Remote control.
  • desktop remote control.
  • computer remote control with full local and network file system access.

Like HP iLO and Dell iDRAC technology, the remote control connection is made to the console of the remote computer or PC system. The desktop is remotely controlled and the user is able to view the changes that are being performed and the process of troubleshooting their issues. 4RemoteSupport computer remote control service has been designed to aid tech-support and helpdesks in providing online computer remote control software access.

Web-based Console and Web-based links

A user goes to a website to start the remote support session or a small executable remote computer control software application can be pre-downloaded to the remote computer. The remote control software can be downloaded from the website or be available for the user by other means. The software for remote control could have been added to the user's computer from a previous online support incident or it could be pushed out via a group policy or by an online file transfer using 4remotesupport or other means such as ftp or a UNC path. It is up to the support department's preference and policy as to how the software can be downloaded but it does not necessarily require to be downloaded in advance of a remote computer control support session for web based online computer support. The user can be directed to a website, typically this can be our website or the tech-support companies or tech-support department intranet website.

Internet Based or Local Screen-Sharing Remote Control Application

The software is executed then it connects to the the viewer at which time tech-support has complete control of the remote computer online through the web or on the local network. Networks are not limited to the internet or local areas network. The network can be a remote network interconnected via VPN or point-to-point type connections. These are sometimes referred to a metro-Ethernet or E-links or e-LANS. The computer remote control software does not identify the network and does not discriminate or prefer one network over the other . The computer remote control software will just try to connect using the data path that is available. The computer remote control software uses the remote computer's TCP IP protocol configuration settings such the default gateway. The computer remote control executable however will need to access the internet to obtain connection information. Regardless as to whether the remote support session was started from a website , 4remotesupport website or the tech-support website, the software once run connects to the web to obtain information to know what to connect to in order to provide online computer remote support or web-based remote computer support.